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Hey there! I’m Pamela, lovely to meet you…

“I love a no-nonsense approach to health”

These days there is so much out there on health and what is considered to be ‘healthy’ from social media, You tube, magazines, celebrity endorsements etc. that it is hard to know what to believe and where to start on your healing journey.  For me being healthy has been a life long quest.  I made my first health choice as a 12 year old when I decided to eliminate sugar from my tea and I am continually tweaking my health habits as my body changes.  My no-nonsense approach to health is to keep it simple, eat real (organic) food as much as possible, get adequate sleep on a consistent basis and do exercise I enjoy like yoga and ride class to help with stress, mood and body function.  It is also important to balance your indoor time with getting outdoors into the sunshine and around nature as much as possible.  Fresh air, if this still exists and a brisk walk no matter the weather goes a long way to counteracting depression and other mental illness tendencies.  I think there is too much complication around how to be healthy that people don’t trust themselves to know what to do.  I am happy you have found this platform where you can begin your education in true health and lifestyle management. Education is key so that you can feel confident to do your own research one day and intuitively follow what your body needs.  You only need to start with one thing and that will grow into a bigger more life changing thing one day.  You don’t need to build Rome in a day, baby steps are important before we can learn to run or train for a marathon. 

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10 Fun Facts & Passions About Me

1. Love living by the sea, Brighton is my favourite place to be


  • Certified and Trained Fitness Coach
  • Degree in Life
  • Student at the College of Naturopathic Medicine – studying BioMedicine (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology) and Naturopathic Nutrition


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