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Ginger, Natures Natural Antibiotic

Benefits of Ginger Apart from Gingers distinct taste, Here are some of the many benefits of GingerI have seen great patterns of behavioral change when I applied one simple, yet highly effective morning routine. This routine has helped me to reset my day from being...

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How to Help Varicose Veins without Medical Intervention

In this post, we are going to show how you can help varicose veins without medical intervention. Varicose veins, also known as spider veins, occur when pressure is placed on blood vessels or veins resulting in pooling of the blood and bulging of the veins. Veins are...

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Do You Want To Lose Weight For Summer?

It's easy to lose weight when you are guided through a proven formula, that's easy to follow and delicious to taste. Once you start eating healthy foods you feel your energy come back. Get your vitality back and feel totally fabulous Restore your energy by simply...

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What is a Detox?

In our detox month, we will  REMOVE toxins, REBOOT nutrients, RESTORE cellular repair, and RESET lifestyle and habits. All of this leave you with balanced hormones and cells that will be singing to you. Detox Deeper Dive Toxicity in today’s world is more prevalent...

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10 Amazing Benefits of Healing Onion Skins

10 Healing Miracles of Onion & Garlic Skins Amazing Benefits Healing Onion Skins and Garlic Healing onion skins - Onions contain a wealth of phyto-compounds with antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and antibacterial properties Please note; Only use the skins...

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Awesome Day or Average Day, Which Will It Be?

Awesome Day or Average Day Reset Your ‘Morning” Routine Backed with a neuroscience coaching qualification and the learning of psychology in how our behaviours are formed, with my hypnotherapy training; I want to share with you how powerful your subconscious is at...

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Balance Blood Sugars with Cats Whiskers

Also Known As... Kidney plant, Indian kidney tea, java tea, Kabling-parang, Mao xu cao, pokok misai kucing and Yaa-nuat-maeo.   Cats Whiskers Grows In Cat’s whiskers is a herbal plan that looks like cats whiskers of all things, hence the name. It is grown in southeast...

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Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is inflammation of a very small opening just below the base of the wrist. The carpal tunnel holds the median nerve that connects the forearm to the palm and fingers. The tunnel is very small and prone to swelling and inflammation caused by overuse,...

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Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day – TRUE or FALSE?

This week’s topic is about drinking WATER! As well as other fluids and the best amount to drink to ensure that your body is functioning at optimal health. We look at the myths and the scientifically proved ways to measure if you are dehydrated or not and what the best...

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SHOCK! Eating CHICKEN can make you FAT!

Yep you heard it here! So I am digging around on my daily health search and I come across an amazing researcher called Michael Gregor MD and he basically examines all the latest studies out there and there puts them in simple terms that you and I can understand and...

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10 Amazing Reasons to Add Kale to your Daily Diet

Reasons to Put Kale on your Plate or in your Juice or Smoothie Kale is being dubbed the new superfood of the century, even though its been around for ever. So why are we all going nuts over this "Queen of Greens"? Here are 10 benefits and reasons of why we keep it on...

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Fever and Flu, Natural Ways To Help Your Immune Fight

Have you Got a Fever or the Flu? Having the Flu is not funny, and the aches and pains all over the body, the yellow on the tong showing your body is toxic and the headaches, nausea and fever that goes with it is something that you will want to avoid if you catch these...

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Want to Cut down on your Sugar? Here’s What to Look For

Sugar is the root to evil when it comes to health. Sure emotionally it feels good at the time. Like diving into our favourite tub of ice cream. Or buying that bar of milk chocolate. We get brought up on the concept of Food = Comfort = Love. We get give sugar as a...

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Your Immune and Your Gut

Overview Its said that 70% of the immune system is in the gut. Below are items that will keep you feeling good. So make sure that your diet is rich in these items.   L - Glutamine Panothenic Acid - Vitamin B5 Vitamin C Vitamin A (retinol) and Beta Carotene Vitamin E...

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Exposed – 3 Great Reasons to Soak Your Nuts!

        SOAK YOUR NUTS TO activate the enzymes SOAK YOUR NUTS TO easily to digest them SOAL YOUR NUTS TO make them taste so much better. For almonds I would recommend soaking them for 12 hours or over night. If you want to pop the skin off then soak in some warm water...

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Have you Ever Given Your Body a Break?

Detox and Guided as Well Have you ever thought ? Or giving your body a well earned break? If you are, take a look at Tania's easy to follow guided on-line program. Join us on a super easy health kick, with motivating people and lots of yummy recipes....

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Sweet Potato Leaves are a SUPERFOOD

Hello and so excited to share this post thanks to our Singapore Cancer Society BBB Whats App group and the previous day a recipe that I shared about a salad that I had with Sweet Potato leaves that we have grown in our back garden. And the super news is they are just...

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Don’t fall Sick This Season – Try this Immune Booster

Ok so here is my hot tip for those that do not want to upset their digestion, blow holes in their gut and take toxic medication like Panadol / Tylenol  and antibiotics. The liver treates these all as toxins. Too much over time and it will weaken your immune. When the...

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Coffee – Should I give up coffee? 7 Reasons Why You Should!

OK I know that this post is not going to be popular but we have to explore this burning question. So there are many positives to coffee like the social aspect, the pre-programmed idea that it will be a stress reliever. You may be saying I can't start my day without my...

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Moringa – The Amazing Benefits of Moringa

Moringa The amazing benefits of Moringa leaves can not be surpassed. Introduced to me at Bollywood Veggies I have been going crazy over this peppery but oh so packed with goodness leaves. I was told the only 8 little leaves gives enough iron for a pregnant lady per...

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Yoghurt and Hidden Sugars

So today we are looking at yoghurt especially plain yoghurt and the hidden sugars to make them taste super nice. So if you look at the back of the brands Pauls, Onken, Yoplait, Athenos, Activia, and so on they are all high in sugar. I recommend the brand Chobani. Its...

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COFFEE ENEMAS and Liver Detoxing

Hello today we are talking Coffee Enema’s and liver/body detoxing.. So on my quest for longevity and the journey to ultimate health I came across Coffee Enemas. At first I did not think that much about it but I was curious as I usually am about these fascinating...

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15 Minutes of Your Time

15 minutes to enhance your day is all it takes to feel more productive, in control and good about yourself.

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About Tania

“I started ULTIMATE Health after a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2012. I discovered how many of us get sick on a western diet, but by switching to new healthier habits much of this can be prevented with diet. I used intermittent fasting to regain my health and in the process I lost all my baby belly and fat (12kg lighter), and found staying at my ideal weight easy with the changes that I made.  Now I teach others to do the same. Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Age Young!”

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