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If you have reached this page you are interested in one to one help and you want to make a difference to your health. 

Our coaching style is a 360 approach so we look at you from a whole, every part of your life from stress to food intake. From spirituality to emotinal wellbeing. Just as your body works in harmony as a whole. 

Why hire a coach?

Coaching is about helping you to find your answers as well as giving you all you need to make the right choices for you to find and achieve your Ultimate Health. Imagine an athlete and a coach, the coach helps, motivates, pushes, supports, teaches, counsels, coaches, provides, and pushes their athlete. That is the relationship you will have with your Ultimate Health program. You are not alone but supported and in this community you will find others like you, that are all giving positive support and help. The one to ones are gold and the groups that you can be put in if you want to are so supportive you will not only have the 360 approach but feel it as well. 

What we cover
  • Diet & Lifestyle
  • What medications you are on
  • Full self assessment to se where you are now & where you want to be in 6 months time.
  • We look at stress and stress management
  • Digestion, absorption & nutrient intake
  • We look at what foods to eliminate
  • How to attain optimal vitamins, mineral and essential fatty acids, proteins, carbs & fats intake and how to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly requirments
  • We look blood glucose regulation 
  • Hydration levels
  • Body balance of the endocrine system (you hormones), as well as adrenals, thyroid & sex hormones
  • We look at optimising your cardiovascular health
  • And we look at you organ function and optima foods that help you to achieve your Ultimate Health
  • All 12 body systmes working in harmony…
  • Our signature 360 approach
  • And our Remove, Reboot, Reset Ultimate Health program to you Ultimate Health

360 Approach

The approach from naturopathic medicine is one of looking at how your entire body systems all work together. You may find you have high symptom burden in one area but this may be triggered or affect other systems in your body.

    12 body systems
    1. Musular System
    2. Skeletal System
    3. Cardiovascular System
    4. Nervous System
    5. Lymphatic System
    6. Endocrine System
    7. Digestive System
    8. Integumentary System (Hair, Skin, Nails)
    9. Sensory System
    10. Immune System
    11. Urinary System
    12. Respiratory System

    how we lead our sessions with you

    Our coaching package includes 3 50 min sessions. 10 Minutes are required by your coach to update the paperwork and send out anything that has been discussed in your session like the summary, homework, and what to do up to the next session.

    You can top up sessions with your coach on an hourly basis if you need more sessions and support. 

    When not with your coach you will have a year complementary access to the Ultimate Health program for the year (Charged at £147.00 after and you can cancel anytime after your first complementary year). If you are trying to overcome a specific health issue, you will be able to sign up to a stater program that gives more details and protocol to your condition. The recommended protocol will be discussed with you in your sessions. 

    You will get a recording of the session as well so that you can re-watch and learn, so you do not have to take notes and can focus on the moment, rather than worry about missing anything.


    Natural medicine is an overall approach that looks at many non harmful ways to help the body to do what it does best…. to heal, repair and be healthy. Take cutting your arm for example, the boy heals itself. So when you feed the mind, gut and belief system with the right combination of ingredients you will find your Ultimate Health vey quickly.

    We look at diet from a whole-food, plant-based nutritional approach. Using botanic medicine to enhance the body and immune function. Touching on homeopathic remedies, hydrotherapy, diagnostic tools your doctor will offer as well as giving you counselling and a list of lifestyle changes that you can implement to manifest your Ultimate Health now and for longevity.

    There are several principles that naturopathic medicine practitioners follow as outlined by Murray & Pizzorno’s book The Encyclopaedia of Naturopathic Medicine, 2012 

    1. We practice the Healing Power of Nature with the knowledge that our body has the innate power and ability to heal itself . When we come form this approach we enhance and aid natural non toxic therapies to bring your body back to Ultimate Health.
    2. We Identify & Treat the Cause. Unlike the practice of doctors which treat symptoms, going one step further and looking for and understanding why the symptoms or health condition is there in the first place. A symptom is telling you there is something wrong. Understanding why it’s there is then the starting point for the right protocol and therapy to be advised. Treating symptoms, like taking medications only masks the symptoms and so you health condition will still be there and will eventually get worse. Today this is called this Health Care Management. Rather than manage look to reverse and prevent and if not yet sick to just prevent. 
    3. First do no Harm. In today’s society we are brought up to go straight to the doctor and take medications. But what if you flipped this to….. going to the doctor, get diagnosed and then seek a naturopath that can advice on non toxic, non harmful ways to help your body to heal. Would it not be great to know why you have the condition, so that you can apply lifestyle changes before taking possible harmful medications if you can avoid them (your doctor will advise best practice). If this does not work then seek the doctor for medications to support condition but still include the newly learned lifestyle changes. 
    4. Treat the Whole Person. When we seek help from a medical doctor you are likely to be sent to a specialist. If your condition involves several specialists you will find you are being helped by several specialists that may not be talking to each other. How about an approach of looking at all your 12 body systems and treat yourself as a whole. A naturopathic approach also takes into consideration emotional, spiritual, social and other areas that affect our constitution. 
    5.  The physician as the Teacher. When you see a naturopathic practitioner they will teach you about your body, your condition, possible causative factors and so on. Educating and empowering you so you can make the right choices for your health and longevity. 
    6. Prevention is the best cure. One of our favourites here at Ultimate Health, we believe and teach preventative medicine. Medicine includes the foods you eat, additional supportive possible short term supplementation. Foods that are healing. mindset that is calm, and finding a higher power that can be your guide and prompt your subconscious to make the right choices moving forward. 
    7. Establishing Health & Wellness. We help you to attain not just your optimal health but reaching to strive always for Ultimate Health. It takes a conscious mind to achieve this, which is why Ultimate Health runs monthly reboots to help you stay on track.  We strive to help you attain a positive mindset. 

    The roots to this philosophy go back to the wisdom of many cultures like Ayurveda from India, Taoism from China, Hippocrates from Greece and others. As well as the doctors of our time like Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Dr. John McDougall, 

    allopathic vs naturopathic?

    When you see your doctor you will be diagnosed and you will receive allopathic medication. With a naturopath you will receive a multitude of natural remedies and methods/protocol to help from a natural way.

    Allopathy : Allopathic medicine is the practice of conventional  medical doctors. Using medications to treat symptoms (M.D)

    Naturopathy :  Looking at true health being the state of optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Using non harmful protocol. (N.D)

    Take the next step to connecting with a coach of your choice.f

    We are offering you a free 15 minute consultation…..

    You consultation will be your chance to get to know the coach of your choice. Our approach is whole-food plant-based meals and a lifestyle that helps your body to heal and repair on a daily basis. The message is that prevention is the cure and programming the mind to reset to healing and all with a positive mental attitude. 

    Here are the Pathways we use to support you:

    1. Detoxification
    2. One to one with your coach to motivate you to reach your health goal
    3. Education on how to control your health issue
    4. Support and help from others like you on this very same journey



    Neuroscience Certified Coach & Hypnotherapist, specialising in change in Nutrition & Positive Mindset Health Coaching. For More About Tania


    College of Naturopathic Medicine

    Signs & Symptoms Analysis from a Functional Perspective as taught by Dicken Weatherby N.D

    Learning from Michael Murray N.D

    Learning from Joseph Pizzorno, N.D

    Learning from Dr Neil Barnard, Dr John McDougall, Dr Joel Furhman, Gerson Therapy Institute, Dr Michael Klapper, Brian Clement PhD L.N, Dr Berg Health Coaching

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