A Coach is a magician of change who takes the cards you have and helps you to play a better hand, or sometimes change the rules of the game, or find a better game. Changes come from a dream of something better. When we have achieved one dream, we look forward and dream again.

 Benefits to you…

Set your mental compass by defining your ultimate goals, Build the road map to get to there,

with check points on the way. The journey comes with discovery of self, values, passions and

motivations, strengths, beliefs, and fears. We work on tackling limiting beliefs that

might be holding you back. We set the environment to get you motivated and you will be

challenged so that you reach your full potential. The gold is when you come out of your

comfort zone! Not only that you get a partner! A sounding board, A challenger,

A believer in YOU …

Partnering you on your journey that is special to you. Having a coach is someone

that motivates and believes in you unconditionally.

We dig for the gold and apply it to your life to get you where you want to go.

Don’t know where you want to go? then we can explore that too! Here are the coaching packages….

What do you want in life? 

Are you answering like this…I want to be motivated,, I love to be congratulated when I have done a great job, I want to shed by old beliefs, I feel a need for change. I want a new way of looking at life, I dream of having more energy, I would like help. I am ready to find love, I fancy a new career, I would like to find my purpose in life. I would like to write a book but don’t know where to start. I would like financial stability. I want to seek out my spirituality, I would like to raise my children to be all rounded kids, I want to learn how to cook, I would like to share my successes with someone, if any of these are a goal for you then find out more about how a Coaching a Partner can help you.

Request a FREE Get to Know Each Other Session

Free 30 Minute Skype Session

15 + 3 =



Coaching takes place every

2 weeks for 55 minutes

per session

or we can break it up into 30 minutes weekly.

By seeing each other every 2 weeks you get time to progress and get on. But we can work around your needs.


On line

Zoom call from anywhere.

All we have to do is arrange a time, which we can fix each week for

consistency and certainty.


$500 monthly

or a package of 12 sessions is$2,500

This is for 24 hours of coaching and lots of contact in between to keep you motivated, and to help you to stay on track.

Coaching is a commitment from your side to move forward with your life. Are you ready to start?


with Thanks for those that wrote such lovely and touching words

“Blink Coaching had provided me clarity in terms of my goals in life and how to go about to get them. I never actually given the opportunity to consider my life and my course of actions before I met the lovely Tania. She has the ability to calm my nervous and worrying tendencies, and helps me to keep things in order.”   “The thing that I like the most about being coached by Tania is that she is patient and non-judgmental. I feel very comfortable to share my fears and hopes with her. One of Tania methods that I found very useful is mindfulness, to separate myself with my feelings so that I can be more aware of what I do. I feel the improvement in my life and how I communicate with others.”   “Tania has very good knowledge on healthy living and how to treat our body better. Since my interaction with Tania, I lessen my sugar consumption and my coffee drinking habit. I haven’t got the courage to do the detox program of healthy juicing, but as we are coming into a new year, I think now I am ready to try.”   With respect,   Fitri Bintang Timur August 2014 – January 2015 Testimonial from Fitri

Tania has been coaching me since 2014. Over the period of our sessions and my own follow through my personal life and business has become focused, goal oriented and finally clearly identified strategies are becoming the norm rather than mythical. Tania is clear in her direction, well trained, methodical, encouraging and often directly and powerfully motivating. I was looking for coaching as I just couldn’t find a start or an end to any of my business processes In the beginning it was time consuming while I searched through the rubble to find the gems but now they pop out at me with Tania’s encouragement. I am starting to see patterns and Im really looking forward to continuing the process. I feel personally uplifted Focusing in on issues and strategizing through mind maps, open dialogue and role playing of conversations around difficult issues. Tania has an innate ability to LISTEN and to gather the picture into a manageable replay. She has enough life experience to not be drawn on the detail and keeps it very forward focused and goal oriented Its become an almost vital part of my decision making and planning process. Both in my business and my personal life I rarely make a move without the planning stages in place and this has led to success beyond my imagination, which I fully credit Tania with. Megan Inglis-Davies, Hong Kong September 2014 – ongoing. Testimonial from Megan



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