Hello today we are talking Coffee Enema’s and liver/body detoxing..

So on my quest for longevity and the journey to ultimate health I came across Coffee Enemas. At first I did not think that much about it but I was curious as I usually am about these fascinating topics, but as it kept coming up on my research radar then I decided to see what all the fuss was about. This story is fascinating and one to seriously consider. I have been doing enemas this year and love them. I only do them when I am juicing thought I have to tell you. My mum whom is a diabetic with kidney disease also does them, in smaller liquid amounts. You see its a detoxifying process as it is like having a kidney dialysis and for those that get diagnosed with Cancer you should certainly be looking at this, if you do not decide to go down the conventional route. But as always don’t take my say so do your own thorough research and see if it for you. I am just sharing my findings.

For those that are looking to restore their health, and to take the toxins out of their body when detoxing then this I would recommend, and you can do it with organic (specific coffee, apple cider vinegar, wheatgrass and just clean distilled or even better reverse osmosis water).


I hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments on the subject which tends to make peoples face wrinkle at the thought :))

The History

So where did this bizarre idea originate? Well enemas go back to Ancient Egyptian times but the coffee enema first surfaced in 1917. The coffee enema was discovered in WWI when the soldiers were in screaming agonizing pain and the nurses noticed that the coffee sitting on the burners on the side boiling away, and usually giving enemas before surgery, they used this hot coffee to alleviate the pain. The results were amazing. After seeing these results, some German researches studied it further and this is how Dr Max Gerson started using them with his patients seeing stunning results for cancer survival.

Soon after the war, scientists in Germany started to investigate the effects of caffeine on the bile duct and small intestine. Dr Max Gerson got wind of the results and started to work with the enemas which he found to me most effective with tuberculosis and later even cancer, as it had a positive effect on the intestinal tract. Therapy before the enemas, the first few patients that used the juicing detox went into toxic shock and did not survive.

Findings and How it Affects Cancer Treatment

So Gerson had to find a way to properly detox the body. From this we know that it is possible to detoxify too fast, and nutrients can overload the liver. The body is trying to eliminate the toxins but it ends up having negative effects on the liver. So we need to understand that if you are at stage 4 cancer for instance, not only is your body low from years of poor diet, toxic exposure, years of stress but if you go straight to a vegetarian lifestyle with lots of nutrients and vitamins and minerals, well the body starts to break down the tumors and break down disease tissue and starts to build new tissue, and all of these processes are extremely toxic to the body and not only that, the tumor and the disease process itself also has its own toxic metabolism. So we must be able to eliminate these toxins and without these enemas we could not eliminate the toxins or cure advanced disease. This is all from the Max Gerson Therapy. This is a must to know as if you are in treatment then you must be careful and always consult your doctor. If you are already in treatment such as chemo or radiation then I would not use this process and stake daily juices not juice reboots/fasts.

So what is it that the coffee enema does?

So a Coffee enema, against popular belief is not to clean out the colon! A colonic is not the same thing as a coffee enema.

Colonics are specifically designed to clean out the colon. It is a side effect, but the primary reason for the coffee enema is to detoxify the liver. There is nothing more powerful to detoxify the body than a coffee enema. Dr Gerson found that the caffeine traveled through thorugh the smooth muscle of the small intestine and into the liver. This clears more of the gastrointestinal tract and removes more toxins and bile than normal saline enemas.


 And here is why

The liver produces an enzyme called Glutamyl Transferase, and it is the most potent, detoxifying enzyme in the human body.

Here is the good bit. This enzyme literally goes through the body mopping up free radicals and toxins. The chemical base that the liver uses to create Glutamyl Transferase is Palmitic acid. And coffee is loaded with Palmitic acid. That is coffee that is properly roasted and organic coffee. The coffee used is specifically grown for the coffee enema and it is not a drinkable coffee. And it is roasted just to the point where you can grind it and if drunk it would taste like a sweet tea.

 Are they Safe?

Coffee enemas have been studied extensively, and it shows that if you do one coffee enema the production of Glutathyaones Transeferase by the body goes up 700% greater than normal and this is powerful detoxification.

This is why it was used in the Merck Manual up until 1972 when it was replace with….. yep medication….. BUT The doctors use this book and up until 1972 the coffee enema was in the Merck manual as a legitimate means of how to treat disease and detox the body. Replaced with a plethora of drugs, the medical industry is a power house to itself!

If you do your own research there you will come across medical journals that say that it is not to be used and no good, but this is to confuse the public and lead them away as the medical industry would rather push the drugs and medications as a means of treating symptoms.

In the Gerson therapy they use 5 enemas a day on stage 4 cancer patients. Also Charlotte Gerson and Dr Patrick Vickers who do not have cancer use this coffee enema 1-2 times a day with absolutely no side effects other than great health. They use this for health reasons and to keep healthy and to detoxify the body. I’ve seen them and its true.

Wikepedia says ” Some proponents of alternative medicine have claimed that coffee enemas have an anti-cancer effect by “detoxifying” metabolic products of tumors.[4] There is no medical scientific evidence to support any anti-cancer effect of coffee enemas.[2][5][6]

Coffee enemas can cause numerous side effects, including infectionssepsis (including campylobacter sepsis), severe electrolyte imbalancecolitisproctocolitissalmonellabrain abscess, and heart failure.[4][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13] If the coffee is inserted too quickly or is too hot, it could cause internal burning[14] or rectal perforation.[15]

The use of coffee enemas has led to several deaths as a result of severe electrolyte imbalance, hyponatremiadehydrationpleural and pericardial effusions.[8][16] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that study participants must be warned of the risk of death from coffee enemas in studies that use them.[17][18]” 

From Wikipedia and this is the only source that I have found on this. If Gerson Therapy has been using this for the past 100 years nearly then I think its safe to say that these negatives if they are real are super slim. But do check it out. Also not forgetting that the FDA also has had the recipe and formula to 5 proven ways to cure Cancer and have pushed them all aside as chemo and radiation are money generating. Coffee enemas are not! 

So what are the benefits?

Closeup Of A Woman Showing Her Perfect Belly

Where can I start, the benefits of a coffee enema are endless. But here are a few that it may help you with – Purify the liver, detox the kidneys purifies the blood, takes toxins from the body, clears parasites out. Basically its like an oil change of a car. You feel clear headed, lighter, may clear up acne, asthma, eczema and gas go immediately. It literally heals the liver. Headaches and mood swings disappear as your digestion is allowed to start working for you absorbing all the wonderful nutrients and minerals from your foods.  Don’t forget the digestive system is the engine  for your body. Good bowel movements are imperative to feel good in your gut and so you feel good in your body. If your gut is having problems then you have a weaker immune system.

Every 15 minutes your blood circulates your blood through your liver and your kidneys 2.5 times and that is being sterilized to purify it.

When you hold a coffee enema for about 15 minutes. It has been shown that the blood passes through the kidneys and the liver 5 times instead of 2.5 times, as it is stimulated by the liver via the hemorrhoids, which it is passed up from. So it effectively and actually becomes a natural sterilization for the blood and a natural dialysis to your blood too.

What else do they do…

The caffeine stimulates the liver and the bile duct to open up and release toxins in the intestinal system for elimination. That is why when you drink a cup of coffee you essentially get the same affect as the caffeine will stimulate the bile duct to open up and eliminate the toxin.

So why can’t we just drink the coffee you are asking?

Reasons Why you Do not Drink the Coffee.

  1. You need the palmitates from the coffee, most of this gets used up and destroyed in the heating process. So you loose the palmitates.
  1. The palmitates also get burned up in the digestive process if taken orally.
  1. When it goes through the digestive tract it acts more on the adrenals, where adrenaline is produced, which is not the effect you want on the body.

If a person drank as much coffee that goes in an enema, they would be dead in a few months, if not very sick.

When you take it rectally in the form of the correct roasting process that it goes through, it will stimulate bile production and the enzyme production needed for detoxification, so only use specific enema organic coffee.

Q: So if I am taking it rectally how is it going through the liver?

The answer is simple, when you take it rectally what’s sitting right there when it enters the rectum. The hemorrhoidal veins, these veins pump into the system and this gets taken straight into the liver.

So if you are ill from Cancer then you want to look at this as well as your diet, juicing, vegan lifestyle. You need to take massive action and massive amounts of nutrition and to ensure that this nutrition is absorbed effectively you also need to release the toxins from the body so that the nutrients can be absorbed to do their work and heal the body effectively, and replenishing the reserves in the organs the bone and the bone marrow at the same time.

When we are sick our bodies are already in such a state of depletion that if we do the coffee enema and stimulate the Glutathyaones Transeferase your body will be depleted even more so you need massive amounts of magnesium and potassium and iron, zinc, all your B-Vitamins to run that system.

You need to replenish the nutrients. Like 20lbs of organic fruits and vegetables.

If you do not do this then your body will use its reserves, its reserves in the bone marrow, your organs and so on. Particularly your bone and your bone marrow, these are major reserve systems for nutrition in your body. So when you eat a refined food the body needs to get its nutrients and where does it get it form but your organs and your bone and bone marrow. Your reserve system.

So if you stimulate with out replenishing your nutrients then it will not work.

It needs to be done in conjunction. The diet is foundational – radical change. Then it is going to be a waist of time. So if you are doing a juicing detox, this could be the perfect partner for the ultimate detox.

For illness you also need to remove stress, have a great diet, have forgiveness and move on.

You have to do all the items.

Before and After Prep

 30 minutes before inserting the coffee, take Chlorella. Use Chlorella Vulgaris if your digestion is sensitive. Otherwise, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is best, since it has twice the binding power of Chlorella Vulgaris. Drink a full glass of water with the Chlorella. You could chew the tablets and rinse down with water – they taste good – and absorb faster when chewed. The nerve endings in the porous walls of the small intestine strongly attract mercury and other heavy metals. Chlorella makes it essential to bind them.

Also by eating some fiber like an apple or some greens 30 – 60 minutes before the therapy this will help to take in more nutrients or having a large glass of vegetable juice, then the toxins are carried safely out of the body.

This is a great way to make sure to NOT have side effects from reabsorbing any toxins.

How to Do An Enema

Once you have purchased the enema kit then follow the instructions below for the brew. I have found this to work perfectly.

Single Dose – take 3 rounded tablespoons of finely ground organic certified coffee enema coffee and add to a litre of distilled or filtered water. Please not only distilled or filtered water must be used so that the water is clean.  Boil briskly for 3 minutes and then simmer covered for 15 minutes. Then filter out the coffee (which can be used in multiple ways for other things so don’t waste it by throwing it away).  If you are using straight away then wait for it to cool to body temperature and then fill up your enema bag or bucket. Then you can do one 500ml for your first enema and then again the next 500ml after the first one.

Make this the night before and then warm up in the morning  and do after a bowel movement.


Prepare a comfortable place near the bathroom (I don’t like the idea of laying on my bathroom floor, so I put  an exercise matt in front of the bathroom door, and lay there. Don’t worry it is not messy, only a dribble of coffee as the enema tube comes out.

Ensure the valve of the bag is closed so that when you pour in the solution it does not come out the other end.

Ensure the coffee enema is room temperature or finger temperature – not too hot not too cold.

Pour the coffee enema solution into the bag.

Hang the enema bag with coffee up above your head at least 45cm above yourself such as on a door handle.

Lay on your right side as this is your liver side so that the enema can do its most effective work. Knees slightly bent towards your chest.

You do not need any clothes on your bottom half for this.

Lubricate the end of the tube – the part that will be inserted with olive oil or coconut oil for easy insertion.

When you are ready insert the enema about an inch or two in so that the wheole of the enema tube are inserted. This does not feel too bad at all.

Then open up the valve for the coffee to start coming out.

Try doing 300ml up to 500ml for the first go to get used to it.

Be patient and gentle, but if you have lubricated the nozzle then it will easily slide in. Remember just relax it really is not that bad at all.

You may decide to take the tube out or leave in which ever you feel comfortable with. But be aware that some of the remaining coffee in the end of the tube may spill but that is about it. Nothing else so its not messy. A small towel might be a good ideas to lay on at this point for the spillage. But as you get more practice you will perfect this.

If you like a nice smell then light a fragrant candle or else the bathroom will smell of coffee!


You will feel the liquid trickle in, just take your time until you feel you are full.

Leave the coffee to do its fine work for 15 minutes before eliminating.

Don’t take too much slowly slowly you are a beginner.

At any point that you experience cramping stop the flow.

Breath normally, infact relax. Then see if you can take some more.

You may get some gas, this is quite normal as the liquid is fighting for the room with the air and you will feel like you want to “parp” it out, but just gently squeeze your cheeks and let the air bubble work its way up but not out. It will all come out when you eliminate.

It may take a while before you can hold the entire litre. So just keep doing a little at a time. You can walk to the toilet so don’t feel like you will have an accident.

Practice makes perfect.

You will notice air bubble of gas these just stay in if you squeeze your checks tight and after you will have not gas and feel so clear.



After the 15 minutes with the coffee enema in, then you are ready to eliminate. When you sit on the toilet, try to raise your legs as if you were is a squatting position as this is our natural way to go to the toilet for number 2’s :).

Stay here for 5 mins or so to ensure that all has come out.

If you have not been able to finish the 1 litre then finish the remaining and repeat the process.

Enjoy the feeling of being empty, clean, and detoxed. Now go hydrate and keep filling your body with plant based nutrients.

Supplements are also a fantastic way to boost your system, your immune and your energy level. Supplements should always be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Good Luck with your Enema you will really learn to love it very quickly.




Seeking professional guidance. Your doctor will not likely have an opinion on this but holistic health practitioners will give you a balanced view on the matter. It was in the Merck Manual so it has been used by millions before or else it would not have even made its way into the Merck Manual in the first place!

Your body will be beginning to release toxicity toward better health. Make sure you have sufficient and balance nutrition like drinking plenty of freshly juiced vegetables, taking some chlorella to help pick up the toxin from the body cling onto them and clear it out. You may even want to try milk thistle this is great for this too. For further help you can find more information in the Gerson Therapy Book by Charlotte Gerson and Dr Moron Walker.

 What Do Knowledgeable Doctors Say?

“In over 29 years of practice, I have not seen important negative effects of coffee enemas at all.”

Lawrence Wilson, MD

“I’ve been using them for 14 years with only one effect: I felt better from the first one I did.”I’ve never looked back and I feel great when I do them. All the terrible things that are supposed to happen don’t happen.”

“Coffee enemas don’t destroy bowel function or wipe out your intestinal flora, but what they do is help the liver work better.” They are extremely powerful, one of the most powerful detox procedures that we use. My whole staff does them. They just feel better when they do.”

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, New York City cancer doctor and researcher


Other Types of Enemas you may want to look into

You may want to look into apple cider vinegar enemas for candida, parasites and may see worms and fungus and mould come out. This is because the gut is living. Again check with a holistic practitioner and do your research. 

Apple cider vinegar has been known to break down gallstones. There was a test done and shown on you tube where gall stones were literally immersed in apple cider vinegar and they were complete dissolved in 17 hours! So the enema may the be trigger to get it to the gallstones or kidney stones? I have not research this and am not advocating it yet until I try it!


Pregnant woman pregnancy concept heart on stomach. Hands forming

In Summary

In summary when a coffee enema is used, the caffeine from the coffee is preferentially absorbed into the system and goes directly to the liver where it becomes a very strong detoxicant. It causes the liver to produce more bile (which contains processed toxins) and moves bile out toward the small intestine for elimination. This seems to free up the liver to process more incoming toxic materials that has been accumulated in the organs, tissues and blood stream. The coffee does not go into the systemic circulation, unless the enema procedure is done improperly.


The coffee contains some alkaloids that also stimulate the production of Glutathyaones Transeferase, an enzyme used by the liver to make the detox pathways run. It is pivotal in the formation of more glutathione, one of the main conjugation chemicals, enabling the toxins to be eliminated via bile into the small intestine. So in other words, a coffee enema speeds up the detoxification process and minimizes the backlog of yet to be detoxified substances.


If you are terminally ill, please seek medical advice and even talk to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico for a direct and non biased view. They are open and willing to talk to anyone.

From my understanding with Chemo the body is able to eliminate 40/45% but the rest stays in the body in areas such as fatty tissue. (a good reason to get rid of that fat they hey! – come see me I am a specialist in this area) At 6 months the body tends to release the toxins. Always ask your doctor or consult a Gerson Therapy retreat. Never give a chemo patient even if 6-8 years back caster oil. This can be found in the Gerson book. Less juices, less potassium, less enemas so that the poisons are released slowly.

The above information has been put together from the wealth of information form the below websites and youtube clips. Always do your research and consult your doctor (but they are most likely to say no, or go to a professional Enema business for your first trial.


If you are juicing then do have a look at introducing this wonderful detox cleanse too.

Happy Clearing!


Note these are my views, understandings, learning and beliefs – yours may be different. Always do lot of research and talk to people that know or who do it, don’t just take my word. What is right for me might not be right for you. I am not a doctor. I am just a longevity chick on a quest to stay alive until I am 100 to get my letter from the King of England and see my children’s kids being born. This is my goal and on the way to bring others whom are also in search of longevity. Hey this day and age you are going to dye from Medication related death which is ranked at the top – or from a disease. I don’t want to go like that. 🙂

Lets Grow Old YOUNG! is my motto

and my belief is that we can heal our bodies through our mind, body, soul and diet. After all we are what we eat right! So if you want a roles royce body that will not let you down then put Rolls Royce parts in. :))

oh and my daily saying – Where there is a Will There is a Way and there is Always a Way!

Do Your Own Research and Enhance your Belief about this…



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Health and Longevity with Charlotte Gerson.

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Science Behind the Process

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Purchasing In Singapore

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reMrlbr50GI – how to do a coffee enema in Singapore

 http://www.nutrimaxorganic.com/products/enema_kit.html – Full kit can be ordered here


Buying the Kit


http://www.peak-health-now.com/coffee-enema-dangers.html – Awesome article and worth reading – this person is a coffee enema pro and shows the do’s and don’ts

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYF36Jg1rBM – explains benefits

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quuvi6Gvvmc – See Ihr and 44mins in. Amazing results.

THE NEGATIVES – For those that say be ware:

 http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=9B6AD3F493C30685C42DED9250ECF86C – Deadly dangers, explained by Charlotte Gerson

http://ineedcoffee.com/top-10-dangers-of-the-coffee-enema/ – Worth a note as some good points raised



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