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This show I hope you can get to know where the Ultimate Health journey started. Just one simple question that showed up in a moment of crisis.


In this episode, we talk about

A starting point to get you motivated to get healthy and stay healthy. To become more conscious in how we are living our lives.


More about Tania

Tania started her health journey in 2012, first, she completed her hypnotherapy courses and then she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. A shocking moment in her life left her asking one question we never ask ourselves. Tania passes on her insight moment to you, in the hope that it might flick a switch in your mind to think differently about how you live and the one question that you might want to ask yourself to help you to make choices that bring you Ultimate Health.

Transcript of the vlog/podcast

I will never forget the day that I found a lump in my breast, it was the size of a large golf ball if there is such a thing. I kept calm and once I saw the first doctor she packed me off as quick as could be to a specialist. The shock on her face spelt it out for me but my mind was still calm.

My doctor told me the worst that any woman can hear.

I was told I had  Breast Cancer with no option but have a mastectomy. I asked if there was another way. But I was told there was no other option.

I was in shock… this could not be happening to me, I was too young…

I tried to push back the surgery for 6 months to wait and see, but again the doctor advised not to leave it longer than a month.

In that month to reflect there was one question that kept surfacing in my mind. ONE QUESTION…

Why did I wait to get Sick?

Looking back I kept thinking. I thought I was healthy. …….I thought I had always looked after what we ate, ……What I thought I was buying was healthy. At the time I had no real idea of the impact of foods had on our body, and then linking that food is directly related to illness. I also had no idea about the impact of our thoughts and feelings and how they translated into the body.

If I could turn back the clock now my one wish would be to ask myself before the diagnosis. Why am I waiting to Get Sick? or What can I dod to be at My Ultimate Health?  …. I know that if I had asked this I would have looked to seek more answers than just those we are fed by the media, and mainstream fads.

I’m Tania Schnuppe, founder of Ultimate Health since 2012 I have been educating myself on what is actually healthy, applying my learning and seeing the results. I am now on a journey for longevity, I am looking to age slower, always want to keep my energy and vibrancy high. Join me, and I will show you the journey I took where I found Ultimate Health. I know now that prevention is better than cure. If you want to get started,  join our membership, its free to join in.

Thank you for watching, If you want to get started and follow the exact same reboot that turned my life around join us at and I will see you in the community.

Get educated!

We all need to be motivated and stay motivated to make a change. Alone it’s hard. Together anything is possible. Once we are properly educated about what has been scientifically found out now, which does not filter to the general public for 15 – 25 years, to me that’s too late. This platform Ultimate Health will educate you and motivate you to stay on track. Too many temptations in life lead us astray. Which is ok, but what we want to try to do is keep coming back to Ultimate Health.

A big part of why the body is here in the first place could be the lifestyle choices you make ………… So you may want to consider a reboot and look to give your body a break.

Take the next step to prevent, age slower and melt your health issues away. Lose weight and feel great.

Join Ultimate Health. Your Journey Starts Here!

At Ultimate Health we look for prevention, as prevention is the cure. Cure to weight issues, treating the cause and n0t just managing the symptoms we have. We always start by wiping the slate clean with a Reboot and then looking to help support your body to heal using natural proven principles. Naturopathic solutions and a protocol that supports your body and every system that it runs. We help you to manage the many multifunctional influences that can cause conditions like this in the first place. Detoxification is key, as well as reducing internal inflammation, getting conscious about your health and finding out what is actually healthy for you.  If you need a map we have the One Clear Path to support your entire journey to your Ultimate Health.

Here are the Pathways we use to support you:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Group Support
  3. One to One consultations
  4. Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet
  5. Meal Plans that are done for you
  6. Education on the Real Truth about What is Actually Healthy, not just what the media tells you is “Healthy“.

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