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Brighton, East Sussex, GB, BN1 1RL

Hello, My name is Tania. I help determined women to get healthy and lose weight, leaving them feeling confident, slim and full of energy and all without giving up carbs and without caffeine. Sounds too good to be true? Its real and I discovered the formula back in 2013 after a diagnosis of cancer back in 2012.

After the horrific treatment, I made a promise to myself that I would never sick again and at that moment I had my lightbulb moment in life – “why do we wait to get sick?” I kept asking and we all do it. Its the inner dialogue of “I’m healthy, I’m ok” but if you, like me are living and eating a western diet then it’s only a matter of time that the odds are not in your favour.

I went on a quest for the truth about what is healthy and what is making us sick, and what I found was completely the opposite of what we are taught. If you are interested to hear what these shocking truths are, and what is actually healthy over what we are told is healthy then come & join me and at the end, there is a Q & A to ask me anything.

I have helped people with all types of issues and general detoxing of the body to gain our  ULTIMATE HEALTH. From cancer prevention and healing from treatment to, reversal of thyroid conditions putting TSH levels back to normal, blood sugars from diabetes go back to the normal range. I have helped people heal from heart disease issues, as well as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure the other benefits include boosted energy, balancing hormones, boosted confidence, inner happiness, pride and accomplishment, reduced stress and a new outlook to life as the course educates you so that you can make the right health and weight loss choices for you. And everyone loses weight if they want to, and body fat too.

It’s a fantastic 30 minutes of sharing how you can gain the results that I did. I hope to see you in on of the talks. I answer all questions but if you have any that you want to ask me directly before the talk then do email me on [email protected]


To your Ultimate Health


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