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Mood & Food Talk

A talk that we give to schools, companies and those that want to boost brain power. 1 hour with Q & A after


Lose 21lbs in 20 Days Talk

Want to lose weight and get into shape. You can hire Tania to come to your house or offices.


Diabetes Controlled

Are you struggling with Diabetes, and want a solution that works? We uncover the truths and blow out the myths.


Ditch the Diet & Detox

Ditch the diet and detox instead. It’s the toxins and poisons that are doing the damage.


Body Type Talk

Ever wondered why you hold weight in certain areas? Take the body type test and find out why you hold weight in the areas you do!


Power of Nutrition

What foods give you power, easy ways to remember and which foods bring your health down


Beat Fibromyalgia

Reduce and even eliminate your pain in as little as 8 days. Complete training on how you can be fibromyalgia free. Don’t suffer any more.


Juicing & Fasting Talk

If you have never done a juice fast and are intrigued this talk is for you. Complete with a demo of the ultimate juicer and how you can try intermittent fasting.


10x Your Energy Talk

In a survey of 100 people, we found that nearly all said they suffered from low energy and wanted a boost. This talk shows you how eat for energy.


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We send you a weekly video log and written blog on the latest health trends. For you and the family. We deliver a no-nonsense approach

Book Your Sessions with Tania

Coaching with Tania

If you need some extra help and support then try the coaching package with Tania. Tania has years of experience helping people with all sorts of issues and weight concerns. Tania’s key area is motivation and guidance. Support is key to your success. Using the Ultimate Health formula, the sessions will be targeted, supported and motivating. 3 one hour sessions over 3 months or 6  30 minute sessions over 6 months with whats app support.

£75.00 per session


3 Session of Coaching with Tania

Let Tania coach & motivate you through any health issue or weight management requirement. If you are looking to heal from an illness, or regain your energy. Or if you want to gain or lose weight then Tania can guide you through. With 7 years helping poeple already, just head to the tesimonials to find out, how you can benefit from this coaching. One hour consultation to show you a “one clear path” to your Ultimate Health.

£225.00 includes year access to Ultimate Health and unlimited reboots


Book Your Sessions with Pamela

Coaching with Pamela

Let Pamela coach & motivate you through any health issues. If you are looking to heal from an illness, or regain your energy. Pamela comes from a “no-nonsense” approach and can guide you through. A one-hour consultation to show you your “one clear path” to your Ultimate Health Book here.


3 Sessions of Coaching with Pamela

This 3 (or 6) session approach is designed to see you through your health journey. Statistics show that with personal support you are more likely to achieve your goals. Pamela will motivate, encourage, support and guide you through the next 3 – 6 months of your new health journey. Its a “one clear path” to your Ultimate Health.

£225.00, Includes access to Ultimate Health Program for a year and unlimited reboots


10 Day Discovery & Remove Program

Get motivated, and start with an easy 1o day reboot. Done for you meal Plans & motivation group. Priceless!


10 Day Remove & Reboot Program

Easy to follow & gets results fast. Weight loss & health boosting. Includes motivation group.


30 Day Remove, Reboot & Reset Program

The complete program for ultimate results. Easy to follow, and simple to do. With daily motivation group.


Getting healthy is not just a one-off, we have to consciously work on it all the time. A year membership helps you to stay on track, month by month.  Join us in one of our online talks and find out what you get and how you can stay motivated to staying healthy and maintaining your ideal weight.


We all need extra motivation at times, having a personal coach means this journey is concnntrated on you and helping you achieve your health goals. When you sign up you get 3 lots of 50 minutes or 6 lots of 25 minutes nutriton and mindset coaching. This coaching comes with your first year membership that comes as a gift for the first year. We help you to stay on track, month by month.  Join us in one of our online talks and find out what you get and how you can stay motivated to staying healthy and maintaining your ideal weight.



Heal Your Heart

Have you been diagnosed with overly high cholesterol? Have heart palpitations? or are at risk of heart disease. This program is the perfect starting point to reverse your condition and prevention from now. We all deserve that!


Reverse Thyroid Issues

If your TSH levels are out of whack and you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder then this program is a great starting point for you. Learn how your thyroid functions and what you can do to help yourself.


Digestive Issues

70% of the Immune is in the Gut. This program shows you the intricate areas that digestive issues can cause discomfort and ill-health. We walk you through the pitfalls, the protocols and the healing procedures. 


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