Hello, my name is Tania Schnuppe I am registered with rCHNC and a member of mBANT, and mANP our industry’s main organizations that support you and me in our clinic consultations.

I graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine with a distinction and have not stopped learning since. I have been helping people to transform their health since 2013.

I got into health after a life turnaround diagnosis of Breast Cancer. I had my treatment and then started to learn that my lifestyle before diagnosis was not as healthy as I thought I was.

I have since specialised in autoimmune diseases, and gut health including h.pylori, gut yeast,SIBO, oxalates, histamine activation, and mast cell activation syndrome. I also help people that are suffering from mould, bacteria, and parasite overgrowth and help to regain balance in the body. I also analyze people’s genetics and use the SNP’s data to assess where the ‘pot holes’ are and to plug them up with co-factor nutrients and lifestyle changes. I have tried and tested protocols that work. But as we are all different there is no one protocol  that fits all and so my clinic naturopathic plans are carefully put together.

Once the pathogens and toxins are dealt with this resolves depression, anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, and weight and methylation issues and most of your symptoms. Hormones balance out and you ‘get your life back’

I use the results from genetics testing to apply nutrigenomics (using nutrition applied to your gene profile) to ensure your health is restored moving for your Ultimate Health. 



  • Registered and Certified Nutritional Therapist trained  at the College of Naturopathic Medicine – studying BioMedicine (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology) and Naturopathic Nutrition dipNUT, mBANT, mCNHC, mANP
  • MTHFR Support Institute trained by Carolyn Ladowsky PhD over 60 hours of Nutrition for Genetics, with Clinical application 
  • SIBO Pro trained by Dr Allison Siebecker’s
  • The Great Plans Laboratory (GPL) Academy : Mold and Toxins: Integrating Strategies and Protocols
  • The Great Plans Laboratry (GPL) Academy : Advanced Organic Acids Training 
  • Certified Results Based Coach: Neuroscience Coaching 
  • Certified Californian Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII) Integrated Modalities for Behavioural Resolutions
  • Certified CHII Master Hypnotist,
  • Certified CHII, Advanced Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions.
  • I also have specialist Certification in Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) for Smoking, HMI Weight Management, HMI Sports Hypnosis, HMI Fears and Phobias, HMI Cancer and Hypnosis, HMI Relationship Therapy.
  • Certified Breast Cancer Foundation Counsellor


CPD is how we keep up to date with the latest learning and continue our education. This part is hugely important for me and as many hours that I see clients I also learn and update my knowledge. We registerd our logs with the BANT and ANP as well as CNHC. 

“Tania is a wonderful coach and mentor. She has helped to keep me be focused in times of stress. She has been a partner to bounce ideas off of and she has been a sounding board when it came to making tough decisions. Thanks Tania I really appreciate your skills and handwork in helping me with my business. “

Megan Inglis – Hong Kong

“Tania’s coaching had provided me clarity in terms of my goals in life and how to go about to get them. I never actually given the opportunity to consider my life and my course of actions before I met the lovely Tania. She has the ability to calm my nervous and worrying tendencies, and helps me to keep things in order.”
Fitri – Jakarta, Indonesia
Fitri Bintang Timur

“You made me feel confident enough to actually change a long-held belief that I don’t like salads, which is particularly significant when you consider that since 19 years of age I was a vegetarian that didn’t like vegetables! (On reflection I became a carbo- tearian ! ) “
Deana K – Singapore
Deana K

10 Fun Facts & Passions About Me

  1. I have the most supportive husband and I am eternally greateful for his love and support. I also have 2 boys, as the picture above shows- Max and Ben. Thank you for all your patience with me in the learning period of my life, I truly am grateful.
  2. My passion is health, longevity, no stress and fuelling our body with nutrition, which includes: juicing and regular varied detoxes.
  3. I love psychology. people, helping people and being with people.
  4. I give back with supporting Breast Cancer and Counselling women going through Breast Cancer. Now widening this to many other health issues as you can see from the health issues blogs that I have written.
  5. Dragon Boating Racing – I love love love being on the water and competing, bouncing on the trampoline and relaxing at night in my sauna that helps me to not only detox but to sleep, deeply. 
  6. Running, Laughter Yoga! Going to the Gym with my dragon boating buddies – its huge encouragement to keep going when you are part of a group.
  7. Helping to share awareness of how to help our planet, doing one small thing each day, each month that with volume of people adds up to big changes for our environment and the health of our world.
  8. Studying Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology (pathologies being my passion – what the abnormalities are and how we can look to reverse them), with continued areas in speicalist 
  9. Swimming in cold water, taking cold showers & challenging myself to new crazy ways to bring on more health 🙂
  10. Most valued saying or belief-

“Where there is a will there is a way and there is always a way!”

“If you truly believe…. it will happen, you will attract it into your life. I believe in the law of attraction.”

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