How I went from thinking I was healthy, to an early diagnosis of breast cancer, to super healthy after an ongoing crash course on what is ACTUALLY healthy to helping others to find their Ultimate Health, staying healthy, losing weight & feeling great.

Hey there! I’m Tania,
A mum, a passionate health motivator and a wife, who lives for learning all there is to find about the holy grail to longevity, long life, growing older feeling and looking younger, and in the search for ULTIMATE HEALTH. I have been on my quest now for 6 years and have learned a ton especially from my training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, an intensive 3-year course. I am now ready to share it with you. Before 2012 I thought, I truly thought, I was healthy. Even though I had many signs and recurring symptoms, I was ignoring them. Symptoms like hormones imbalances, mood swings, fatigue, stress, feeling of being constantly overwhelmed.
I had 2 amazing boys, they ran me ragged as I was also known as ‘Frantic Tan” as I always do too much, taking on the world, a new job, the family, new country, being a supportive wife as my husband’s career was taking off. I was working in a stressful family business from 1993 until 2007, in production and marketing of beautiful stainless steel kitchen wares, and proud to say that the colour on stainless steel – we invented that. It came from our factory in India first!
After that we started to travel the world, making a new home in several countries for the next 10 years of our lives.
Looking back I was always super keen on nutrition and what was healthy. I owned a juicer, it was used daily until it wore out and then it got relegated to the cupboard. I bought 5 copies of the Gillian Mackeith book “You Are What You Eat” and gave 4 of them away to family and friends as I connected so much with this way of life. I followed it partially but not knowing then, I needed more training and help to stay on board with this new way of eating. So I drifted back to the usual western diet and lifestyle. Do you know what some functional medicine doctors call this western diet? They have coined it the diet designed by Al Kaieda, meaning that it’s deadly. I did not know that back then. The western diet is not only toxic but disease promoting. This I teach about in my programs. A long, slow, very slow disease-promoting diet that boosts heart disease rates, cancer, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease and the list goes on.

But then I was diagnosed with the dreaded C. Cancer. Breast Cancer to be precise. I was in a fast lane of aggressive treatment that I now know was drastic and I could have taken more time. So I started to ask myself a question, that kept popping up in my now very conscious mind…..  


“Why Did I Wait To Get Sick?”

I’m pretty sure that most of us don’t think about how we will die? Or even now in the present moment to we actually admit to ourselves that our health is off, or our weight is too high. We don’t think of the repercussions of our lifestyle have on our future, how we will feel when we get older. Do we brush this all under the carpet as there are too many other things in life to stress about? Do we not think about these things because we think.. that won’t happen to me? I think if I am honest that is how I was thinking.
When I found out my body was not in great health and had cancer. I went through what they call the 5 stages of loss –
First was DENIAL – this was not happening to me, there must be a mistake.
Then came the ANGER – but I am healthy, I am too young, I am not ready for this yet.
Then the BARGAINING – I will do anything to save my life, to save my breast, to survive, to live.
And finally, the DEPRESSION and this took longer to come out of – coming to terms with losing a part of me that is irreversible, seeing my mother in law dying of Lung cancer at the same time. Not knowing, feeling scared, alone, and powerless I thought over my disease.
ACCEPTANCE – Ok I get it, what do I need to do to stay healthy from now on?  “Why did I wait to get sick?” I asked myself at the end. This single sentence was and still is the motivating sentence that keeps me on the healthy path every single day.
A friend close to me at the time told me that I could do this without the invasive procedure that my doctor was telling me to have. She looked me in the eyes, her name was Amelia and her sole shines balance and beauty. She was helping me to come to terms with this shocking news with some Reiki treatments. The treatments were life-changing. A pivotal moment in my life that put me back in control and not the doctor or disease in control of me. When she looked me in the eye it was like a window opened up deep to my soul and she said “You can do this alone you know” I knew it deep in my heart that what she was saying was right. But I was stricken with fear and fear tactics that the doctors have to tell you at the time to get it out. I now know that the body’s sole purpose is to survive and keep us alive. It became crystal clear to me that I needed to change my lifestyle, that moderation was not a good word to use (after all why have something in moderation that leads to another cancer diagnosis? or heart disease or dementia later in life or any other disease? I knew that I needed to get rest, de-stress, hydrate every day and let go of ruminating negative emotions.
For me, my doctors were saying EVASIVE surgery, and do not leave it longer than 30 days.
F…E….A….R is what it was. Do you know what FEAR stands for? False Evidence, Appearing, Real. It was not real and Amelia was right. I should have trusted my gut instinct and turned my life around with lifestyle changes and then gone back to the doctor to asses.
If you want to know more details on my treatment then scroll down to “my story with detail’ to find out about my breast cancer road to discovery, learning, and surgery, and the aftermath of the procedure and how I am now 6 years on.
Raise your hand if you have ever had a relative or loved one die of a disease, an illness, or something other than natural causes.
Yes me too. My mum – Cushing Syndrome, Kidney Diseases brought on by the Diabetes that was never controlled, lumpectomy, parathyroid issues and the list goes on (wow hail to my mum for being so resilient – You can read her story here – JACKIE’S STORY, we saved her using the same principles that I was applying to myself after my treatment). My dad diabetes, My grandad lung cancer, My nan Alzheimers, my Aunty Alzheimers, my other Aunty brain haemorrhage, my mother’s boyfriend lung cancer. My mother in law, lung cancer – she was a smoker, my father in law – diabetes-related pneumonia and these are just my immediate family.
That’s a lot of sicknesses and it occurred to me that I do not want that to happen to me. “So what do I need to do?” I asked myself and that is when I started my 6 years long journey into the world of health, what we think is healthy but is far from it, what is actually healthy and we know it but don’t do it, and what are the myths that people think are facts – this one is hugely damaging to us. So I began my quest for longevity and to live a disease free life. And the starting point was Juicing. No matter where I looked, juicing was the starting point. Juicing nowadays is known as Reboot, Cleanse, Detox, intermittent fasting, 5 / 2 (but that is just a small start to the healthy grail) water fasting and so on. No matter which disease you look at, or even for weight loss. We ALL have to start by wiping the slate clean. Getting the toxins out of the body and I explain this in great detail in my ULTIMATE HEALTH MASTERCLASS, which you can sign up for by clicking this LINK.
In order for the body to feel healthy and lose weight we first must take the toxins out, clean out the inside so that our outside can shine and glow. Literally, these are words the people will tell you when you do my Ultimate Health Reboot, that you are glowing, that your eyes sparkle, that you look so healthy.
So at the end of this nightmare journey, there is a silver lining. I call it a gift from a life-changing episode in life, the wake-up call….I am spreading the love by giving back and sharing all my findings, learning and now being a student at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Covering Anatomical, Physiological and Pathological learnings and long with nutrition and alternative support remedies. The way that we look at the body is as a whole, the entire workings of the body and systems working together and looking for the root cause of ailments, symptoms, syndromes, infections and disease.

Here is me with my Family.

Husband Gregor, eldest son Maximilian, not far behind in age Benjamin and my dear Mum Jackie (her dutch name is Berendje, but I challenge you to pronounce that!)


10 Fun Facts & Passions About Me

  1. My husband for his love and support and my 2 boys – thank you for all your patience with me in the learning period of my life, I truly am grateful.
  2. My passion is health, longevity, no stress and fueling our body with nutrition, which includes juicing and regular juicing detoxes.
  3. I love psychology. people, helping people and being with people.
  4. I give back with supporting Breast Cancer and Counselling women going through Breast Cancer.
  5. Dragon Boating Racing – I love love love being on the water and competing,
  6. Running, Laughter Yoga! Going to the Gym with my dragon boating buddies – its huge encouragement to keep going when you are part of a group.
  7. Did I say that I love my husband and 2 beautiful boys, All of which I am so incredibly proud.  I just need to mention them again!
  8. Studying Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (pathology being my passion – what the abnormalities are and how we can look to treat them)
  9. Swimming in cold water, taking cold showers & challenging myself to new crazy ways to bring on more health 🙂
  10. Most valued saying or belief-

where there is a will there is a way and there is always a way!

And if you truly believe…. it will happen, you will attract it into your life. This is the law of attraction. 


  • Certified Californian Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII) Integrated Modalities for Behavioural Resolutions
  • Certified CHII Master Hypnotist,
  • Certified CHII, Advanced Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions.
  • I also have specialist Certification in Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) for Smoking, HMI Weight Management, HMI Sports Hypnosis, HMI Fears and Phobias, HMI Cancer and Hypnosis, HMI Relationship Therapy.
  • Certified Breast Cancer Foundation Counsellor
  • Certified Results Based Coach
  • Dr Berg Trained Health Coach
  • Student at the College of Naturopathic Medicine – studying Bio Medicine (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology) and Naturopathic Nutrition


“Tania is a wonderful coach and mentor. She has helped to keep me be focused in times of stress. She has been a partner to bounce ideas off of and she has been a sounding board when it came to making tough decisions. Thanks Tania I really appreciate your skills and handwork in helping me with my business. “

Megan – Hong Kong

Megan Inglis

“Tania’s coaching had provided me clarity in terms of my goals in life and how to go about to get them. I never actually given the opportunity to consider my life and my course of actions before I met the lovely Tania. She has the ability to calm my nervous and worrying tendencies, and helps me to keep things in order.”
Fitri – Jakarta, Indonesia
Fitri Bintang Timur

“You made me feel confident enough to actually change a long held belief that I don’t like salads, which is particularly significant when you consider that since 19 years of age I was a vegetarian that didn’t like vegetables ! (On reflection I became a carbo- terian ! ) “
Deana K – Singapore
Deana K

my story with detail


As an energetic and highly motivated person, I left Uni early when a business opportunity arose. Before long the business had expanded to incorporate my wonderfully supportive family – my father came into it full time, and my brother Simon, my Mum, best friend Fiona and brother-in-law Michael and a crew of staff all contributed to growing our stainless steel Housewares Business – With passion and innovation we lead the way to many trends including colour on stainless steel – we were the first to do that and now its in every store and home! We sold beautiful stainless steel housewares to all corners of the globe, straight from our factory in India. Here I discovered my true passion… people.

In 2000 I married my longtime partner and best friend, Gregor and he is the rock in my life and has supported me in all my ventures and crazy ideas. After taking a back seat in the business to have my two gorgeous boys Max and Ben, we began to look for new horizons. Gregor- the “third culture kid,” wanted to explore the world as he had done when he was growing up as the child of an expat family. So after 16 years of the stainless steel business, we left our lovely home in Brighton UK and relocated to Sydney Australia. Australia gave me plenty of time to reflect and I was inspired to start afresh and that really meant something to me. I had no idea that we were only just beginning our travel journey which was to take us from Australia to Hong Kong and on to Singapore…

Fascinated by Hypnotherapy all my life, I began training in Hong Kong and was stunned by the impact of this amazing therapy, not only in my life but my friends and family. Fortunate to be under the tutelage of Guru Sonia Samtani who runs a holistic motivational wellness clinic in Hong Kong, I began just wanting to try hypnotherapy for my boys; like all Mums – to help them when times were tough, for exam pressure, and to help them to study and do well at school, but my mind was opened up to the world of psychology and how we interact. How our subconscious is sooooo powerful in running our mind and body. I was HOOKED!

Suddenly I felt that I could help the world. I realized my time had come to do this. I was enlightened….awakened….. I asked myself “why are we not taught these practices at school”. How much more grounded would our teenagers be if this was a compulsory subject in secondary school, psychology. Learning how we interact, why we have our behaviours and being able to recognise how we influence ourselves, how our past experiences as a child shape who we are today and how opposites attract. How we find our partners and how we can keep our partners or end up driving them away. I found myself healing fears, helping relationships and friendships, building self-esteem in people and it was just magic. I had discovered the fast track to feeling positive and I was sharing it.

A move to Singapore came before we had really settled and I found myself looking for more. My wonderful friend Kully from Hong Kong suggested a Coaching Course. Results Based Coaching by David Rock. Powerful and insightful.

My journey began to deepen my knowledge and each step led to a thirst for more – parenting courses, as well as nutrition courses, became a passion.

Suddenly and without warning, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2012. It was a huge shock, denial, anger, bargaining it all came. It seemed that all the stars had finally collided and I was able to use all my new and old knowledge in my own quest to beat this disease, to be healthy for my family and to achieve long life. When I looked back at life, my family I realise that my mum had kidney disease and diabetes, my dad had diabetes, other family members cancers and I started to ask the question “WHY DO WE WAIT TO GET SICK?” 6 years later, I have the key to longevity and I know how to not get sick. My aim is to now stay disease free and after all my years of seeking, researching, testing and gaining insight from great resources, I found the answers I needed and now I want to share those with you.


Since being diagnosed I have spent every moment of everyday deep probing, watching, listening and learning. I’ve been talking to experts, listening to professionals, doing courses and each road seemed to go in the same direction to the same ultimate conclusion – We can all help ourselves to prevent dis-ease in the body. Why wait to get sick? Get Healthy and live a happy and healthy life.

Breast Cancer was a big shock and a scare to me and my friends and family but it was also a gift. I was able to find the motivation to sink my being into finding the ultimate way of life for longevity. I discovered juicing being the core component and route to a healthy body and so the journey began in Health. I took the ‘Dr Berg Health Coaching’ course as well as the Neuroscience – Result Based Coaching Course accredited by the International Federation of Coaching and now I have tools and to help others to live healthy, long and dis-ease free lives. I now practice Health Motivating, Coaching and use Hypnotherapy as an added tool for those that want to try it and to give back that motivation that was so important in my own recovery. I am a counsellor to newly diagnosed Breast Cancer patients.

I have a special interest in the role of nutrition, sleep, meditation, self-hypnosis, exercise and stress management and looking for the cause, rather than just settling for treating symptoms. As a result of struggling with my own health in 2012, I now eat and live by a plant-based diet and I incorporate these basic principles into the coaching of my clients. I don’t favour drugs or toxic medication, intact so much so that I said no to the cancer drugs after surgery. I am in control now.

My mission is to demonstrate to all that we should look for the cause not just treat our symptoms. Healing from the root – not just masking the symptoms with medication.

Thank you for reading. Do contact me directly if you would like to have a chat about your health. What’s your story?

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