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A targeted approach to your health. Using blood tests, functional testing including  organic acids test, stool tests, food intolerances, hormone testing and genetics to understand what is blocking your Ultimate Health.

Health Check Clinic

If all you need right now, is a review of your current supplements to see if you are taking the right brand, dosage, type and quality. As well as a medication review to see which nutrients your medication(s) are depleting you of. Then start here. Comes with a Nutrients from Food book. and a full review and report to move your health forward. 



Blood Test Review

A blood  review looks at your past blood test, works out the optimal and which are out of range to the optimal recommendations not the wide NHS parameters. This will give you an accurate view of your results,. We also look at other markers to make suggestions as to what to add to your current health regime, such as additional foods to incorporate, possible short term supplementation,  and a look at your current medications and what you can do to support your body for why you are on those medications.  Working with your Doctor.


New Client Clinic 

Here we get down deep and look into your past, current and possible future health. An extensive health history is done and the complete synopsis is made available to you as a health folder that you can add to as your health matures. This clinic session will take you through symptoms that you are currently struggling with and can be acute to chronic. 

  • Health Questionnaire sent and evaluated 
  • I Hour clinic to deep dive into the areas highlighted in the health questionnaire 
  • 1 Hour for Tania to Create your Plan
  • 30 Minutes To Go over the plan
  • 3 Weekly 10 minute check in phone calls, spread out over 6 weeks to see how you are going.  (Date and time arranged in the initial appointment)
  • Follow Up appointment booked 6 weeks after initial, unless recommended otherwise


Become a Member of  the Ultimate Health Program

Ultimate Health membership program is a place that you can go to get motivated to make change. So many have changed their lives with this Ultimate Health clear plan. You can try on of the many Reboot programs. Learn what to take out and what to add more of into your diet. When applied you will find your hormones balance, your energy return and your health flourish. With the additional learning of what holds our health back, Tania has not left anything out. Its a go to to ask your health questions. Join the Ultimate Health community as part of the package and get inspired. 

From £47.00 the first month £4.97 after

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