Using your Genetics  &
the power of nutrition
to reach your ULTIMATE HEALTH

with Tania Schnuppe, Registered Naturopathic Nutritionist 

your health issues… resolved

Tania can Help with…

  • Phase 1 Toxin Reduction Support
  • Phase 2 Liver Nutrition Support
  • Amino Acid Support
  • Phase 3 Elimination Support
  • Breast Implant Illness
  • Genetic Assessment of Detoxification SNP’s including methylation


  • Digestive Problems
  • Gut Health & Oral Health
  • GORD, H.Pylori, Peptic Ulcer
  • Gut Flora enhancement
  • Gut Yeast/Fungal Overgrowth/Candida
  • Constipation / Diarrhoea
  • IBS, IBD, Coeliac
  • Dysbiosis
  • Diverticulistis
  • Gut Brain Axis Connection
  • Food Intolerance’s
  • Long Haul COVID
  • Small Intestinal Bacteria
  • Mould/Mold
  • Yeast & Fungal Overgrowth
  • Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Viruses (General)
  •  Environmental Toxins
  • Parasite Cleanse
  • MCAS
  • Detoxification
  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s
  • Genetic Interpretation
  • Private Blood Testing &  letter requests to your doctor
  • Stool Testing
  • Urine Testing – Organic Acids
  • Fatty Acids & Omegas
  • Amino Acids
  • Food Intolerance’s IgG
  • Adrenal Testing
  • Hormone Testing 


  • Blood Pressure – Hypertension and Hypotension
  • Cholesterol Balance & Dyslipidaemia
  • Diets for Healthy Heart
  • Circulation Support
  • Odema
  • Palpitations
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Metabolic Support
  • Stress Reduction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression / Serotonin
  • Sleep / Melatonin
  • Memory
  • Concentration / Foggy Mind
  • Neurotransmitter Balance
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Dopamine Balance & Mood Support
  • Energy & Fatigue Issues
  • Addiction Support
  • Dementia & Alzheimers
  • Genetics Assessment
  • Autoimmune Support
  • Virus Remission
  • Acute COVID Infection Support
  • Long Haul Covid Support
  • Gut Restoration to Support Immune Function
  • Inflammation Reduction & Rebalance
  • Recurrent Colds, Infections and Low immunity
  • Oestrogen Dominance
  • PMS
  • Women’s Health
  • Menopause & Early Menopause
  • Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar Balancing
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Thryoid Support
  • Hormone Balance
  • Energy and Vitality
  • Mood Swings
  • Fatigue Issues
  • Weight Management


Looking to take charge of your health journey? Let Tania’s expertise in genetics, nutritional therapy, and functional testing guide you towards your ultimate health goals. With a personalised approach tailored to your unique needs, access the tools and support you need for a holistic and effective wellness plan. Book a complimentary call today and start your journey to Ultimate Health.


Your genes are the blueprint to your future health. Tania can help you to identify potential susceptibilities. This information can be used in clinic with your consults to help give you the greatest advantage in healing and your health journey. If you are curious to know if you struggle to process vitamin D, or have a B12 issue that may affect you later on in life, now is the time to get to understand your genetics and DNA pathways. See genetics as the headlights to your car aka your body, and now you have turned your headlights on revealing the potholes in the road. Once you know where the potholes are you can plug them up with better nutritional choices for a smooth journey to health, putting you in the prevention and longevity lane.


Working with Tania is easy, first get to know her and book a complimentary call, once you feel comfortable and the fit is right for you then you can engage Tania as your nutritional therapist, with the highly recommended genetic interpretation component of her services. Looking at how your genetics can be enhanced by the nutrition and lifestyle you bathe those genes in and some will struggle and need extra support, so you can move forward with confidence that your health plan is right for your genetics

Clinics Available:



The fastest way to know what is going on inside your body is with functional testing,  Tania has trained with the top trainers in the world from Kalish Method, MTHFR Support Institute and  

Testing Options

  • Comprehensive blood test
  • Adrenal Stress Test 
  • PCR/DNA based stool testing looking for the fragments of DNA from potential pathogens, digestive organs, and microbome support including parasites
  • Organic acids testing which is a urine test that shows the health of your cells from how you process your nutrients from the foods you eat to dysbiosis, how your energy is produced in the mitochondria to fatty acid metabolism and more. 
  • Genetics testing
  • Mycotoxin and Mold testing
  • Heavy Metals 
  • Hair Mineral 
  • Food Intolerances 
clinical registrations & memberships

Trained and Registered with….


How Can Nutritional Therapy Help You?


Ultimate Healther’s

DURING THE PROGRAM –  “I’ve lost five pounds but wasn’t in it for the weight loss to be fair. Rice diet is more for my blood sugar”

AFTER THE PROGRAM – “Thank you, Tania, I’m going to try and leave the coffee, fat, and meat but I might indulge in a cheeky glass of wine 🍷 sugars have been so so good have lost a little weight and down to 9st but it’s the sugars which are the best result 😊”

REASON FOR JOINING – Type 1 Diabetic – October 2018

Sarah Bennett

AFTER THE PROGRAM “Hi Tania, I’m loving all the information provided. I watched ‘How not to die’ linked to Day 4 email. It was brilliant & a real validation of my decision in Jan to transition to a plant-based (vegan) lifestyle. I’m going to educate my children on this too. Your tip on freezing pre-cooked beans & pulses has made a huge difference to meal planning as we can now whip up a healthy & filling meal at short notice. Big thanks. Kind regards Elizabeth”

REASON FOR JOINING: Get Healthy & lose some weight

Elizabeth, Professional - Singapore

DURING THE PROGRAM “Not only have I more energy and no pain but my brain fog has gone, and so has my fibromyalgia. This has been a revelation as I was having pain and fatigue every day for the past 8 months or more.”

AFTER ONE MONTH “I feel wonderful. I have lost 14lbs in weight which was a bonus as I wanted to join the programme to improve my Fibromyalgia symptoms.”

REASON FOR JOINING: To overcome fibromyalgia and regain energy

Karen Puttock, Brighton, UK

DURING THE PROGRAM Aww thanks! I’m loving this! I feel like I could juice only for weeks, especially as your recipes are so good and there is so much variety of flavours!!, Carleen

AFTER THE PROGRAM I loved this so much that I will join you again next month.






Carleen, Singapore Expat - USA

What you Get in a

One to One Clinic Consultation….

A personalized approach to YOUR health
Interpretation of Blood Tests from your GP
Integrating your Genetics into Your Health and Wellbeing Plan
Therapeutic Supplementation Recommendations
Where to get your nutrients from foods
Working out the Best diet for you
Removing the Blocks to your Ultimate Health
Functional Testing to target where the blocks are and fast track you
Lifestyle recommendations
What you Get

In the Membership….

Done for you Meal Plans
Selection of the health films
Nutritionist Clinic with Tania
Evidence-Based Facts
Access to over 1,000 delicious recipes
Cooking Videos
Course disease prevention
5 Reboot Choices
Exercise Solutions
Email Tania if you have 

Got a Question?

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