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“Post Summer” excesses behind us and “pre-Christmas” festivities in front of us, makes October the perfect month to recharge the batteries and take your inner body on a holiday. Ever thought of a detox to wipe your slate clean ready for the next round of rich foods and fine dining. Give your body a break and come join us for the biggest and best ever October Ultimate Health month.

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Lisa lost 6lbs in 4 Weeks – UK

Jackie lost 20kilos in 12 Weeks – Singapore

i want to….

Hello My Name it Tania, I help men and women to live a balanced life 

using an online program that can be accessed for life with personal coaching from me.

I will show you how to live happy, strong & healthy

 Whether your goal is to lose weight or kick your health back into being your greatest asset.

 Its easy with a proven formula… A roadmap for success

REMOVE the foods that hold us back,

REBOOT the system and wipe the health slate clean,

RESET the mind with new healthy habits,



About Tania

A proud mum of 2 boys and a traveling expat, I was living a fast-paced lifestyle. It all caught up with me in 2012 with an early diagnosis of Breast Cancer, It knocked me for 6, and I went on a 6-year search to find the way to be healthy and stay healthy, On my journey, I lost 12 kilos of “having 2 babies” weight and I balanced my hormones, became happier, stronger and healthier. I learned so much in my journey that I had to share with others. Now I help people with all sorts of health issues, cancer of course, but also thyroid, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, skin issues, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, fatigue. I’ve even help athletes and fitness gurus to be top of their game.

More About Tania’s Story…..

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Non Toxic Daoe Deodorant Put To The Test

So whats in the spray that we put on twice a day that makes it so harmful to us? Well for a start spray and roll on deodorants are full of chemicals that are not friendly to our body or the environment. Spray deodorants have parabens, triclosans, and steareths. They...

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Tania’s Charity of Choice

When I am not helping others to get healthy, I am helping Global Fund For Children to raise awareness. Please support me in supporting Global Fund For Children. They are a boutique charity, so donations go straight to where they are needed. Helping the Youth of our future. Help support by linking Global Fund For Children UK Trust to your AMAZON ACCOUNT. It takes less than 1 minute of your time. It’s so quick easy and simple to do. THANK YOU. Global Fund for Children supports children and youth all around the world with grassroots partners. I support this charity. You can too, in addition to this. Any purchases via my site I DONATE 5% of my profits to Global Fund For Children.


Remove Reboot Rest

Complete Holistic Health Programs.

 If you want to lose weight, regain your energy, attain ultimate health.



Elizabeth, Singapore

Hi Tania, I’m loving all the information provided. I watched ‘How not to die’ linked to Day 4 email. It was brilliant & a real validation of my decision in Jan to transition to a plant based (vegan) lifestyle. I’m going to educate my children on this too. Your tip on freezing pre-cooked beans & pulses has made a huge difference to meal planning as we can now whip up a healthy & filling meal at short notice. Big thanks. Kind regards Elizabeth


Aww thanks! I’m loving this! I feel like I could juice only for weeks, especially as your recipes are so good and there is so much variety of flavors!!, Carleen


Aww thanks! I’m loving this! I feel like I could juice only for weeks, especially as your recipes are so good and there is so much variety of flavors!!
15/02/2017, 4:29 p.m, Naida

Loose Weight with Tania

One to One 6 Month Coaching Program

With a community of others to motivate you.

Once your Goal is reached Climb a mountain to celebrate your Win or Loss which every way you want to view it 🙂


When you get older, you will be asking yourself these questions

  1. Was I happy?
  1. Did I feed my mind, body, and soul so that I could be strong?
  1. Was I the healthiest I could have been?

Ask these questions now, are you doing everything you can now to protect yourself so that you can grow older feeling younger and prevent the common diseases of today?

Thank you for connecting and visiting my page, have a look around, join a webinar or video series. Download the free books or guided meditations, we can even connect on Facebook or Linked In, I would love to hear from you.


Hi, I am Tania and I teach a Plant-Based Wholefood DELICIOUS lifestyle that is Salt, Fat & Sugar-free! I am the founder of ULTIMATEhealth.pro. I am a health motivator, specializing in helping people to boost their health, immune and overall wellness as well as helping people to attain their ideal weight. When we get healthy we also prevent disease later in life, & melt those symptoms that we suffer from on a daily bases, away. I teach people how to wipe the slate clean by following a simple & easy to follow formula of REMOVE, REBOOT, RESET. I am an expert in Plant-Based Nutrition, healing naturally and using the mind to make our goals easy to attain. My popular ULTIMATE Health Weekly emails sent every Saturday morning, are all you need to keep on top of the latest for your ULTIMATE health. I believe that our health is our best asset. I do the research so you don’t have to. Save, time, and live Happy, Healthy & Slim




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