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Hello, my name is Tania. I am a Registered Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. I have been helping people since 2013 after a diagnosis of Breast Cancer in 2012 .  If you have reached this page you may be interested, in exploring one-to-one help, gaining motivation and guidance from deep knowledge, learning and understanding about how the body works and what it needs to heal, and how to take identify and take away the blocks that hold our health back. I will share my learning with you so that you can be empowered to make small changes that will have a big impact on how you think and feel.

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The best way I like to work is what I call a 360 approach, looking at you as a whole person, not just your digestion for instance or a diagnosis you may have been given. I look at all your body systems and how they work together, then work out where the blocks are to your symptoms. I dig deep and use your Genetics as well as functional testing to see exactly what is going on ‘under the bonnet so to speak. We will cover every aspect in clinic and full health history is taken of your past, present, and future health. Your food intake, your stress levels including any past trauma, hormone balances, sleep hygiene, and hydration. Also looking at histamine, methylation, oxalate’s, any dietary intolerance’s and all aspects of your genetics and how some of your gene SNP’s or suseptabilites might be impacting your health with your current environment, which is what can trigger your genes to work optimally or may need support. . Did you know that 42% of the population can’t process vitamin A properly? Why is vitamin A important well your immune is a key factor here., (this is just one example) As well as this I am a specialist in helping with re-balancing pathogens that might be in play like viruses – including COVID, EBV, detrimental bacteria like clostridia, yeast like candida & fungus’s, parasites, mould, and environmental toxins, including heavy metals,  that maybe blocking you.  In addition to the consult, you may want to tap into the Ultimate Health membership program, packed with over 1,000 recipes, done for your meal plans, and full training and guidance to get you to your Ultimate Health. We cover topics like nutrition, toxins, self-care, and digging deep into areas that might have confused you as we look only at nutrition from an evidence-based approach, which is all pulled together in one place as a reference for you to search and find your answers. It’s my learning from the past 10 years, condensed into a membership. Priceless stuff.

Clinics To Move You Forward

Why book a clinic consult?

Booking a consult will help you to find the ‘root cause’ of your health issue. You will walk away with a personalised plan that supports you. Unlike an allopathic approach from the doctor to treat a symptom or symptom management. The clinic consult will dig deep and ask questions that shine a light on the areas that need attention and may need further. Testing helps you to understand what’s going on ‘under the bonnet’ for a targeted approach.


A consult is about helping you to find your answers as well as giving you all you need to make the right choices for you to find and achieve your Ultimate Health. I look for inflammation, energy reducers, pathogens that may be in play like – mould, mycotoxins, viruses, parasites, destructive bacteria, as well as possible toxicity from heavy metals and many environmental toxins that can be easily identified with testing.

How do I support you? Imagine an athlete and a coach, the coach helps, motivates, pushes, supports teaches, counsels, coaches, provides, and cheers their athlete on, that is a lot of support that is priceless to reach your health goal. This is the relationship you will have with your clinic consult.

What we cover
  • Diet, lifestyle, detoxification, well being and mental health support
  • Full health history assessment to see your past health, where you are now & where you want to be as your future you
  • We look at what to eliminate – food, drinks, chemicals, endocrine/hormone/disruptors, etc and more importantly what to replace with
  • Your nutrient levels and finding your optimal vitamins, mineral and essential fatty acids, proteins, carbs & fats intake. How to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly requirements for nutrients.
  • Possible testing,  and genetics interpretation if you want to get targeted
  • Your digestive tract and the gut brain connection to mood and food
  • What medications you are on, plus any contraindications
  • Your family history and how that might affect you
  • Review of any supplements you are on and  
  • Full workable plan given in bite sized achievable weekly targets or all in one go depending on how you like to work.

360 Approach

In order to fully see what is going on inside you, I recommend testing. Targeted testing depending on the initial clinic. This will show you a snapshot in time in your body and what is going on.  I also work with analysing your Genetics and ‘SNP’s which are your genetic polymorphisms – so the genes that need some support. These genes can be enzymes that need support.  I see Genetics as the headlights on your car. If you don’t have your headlights on or don’t know your genetics then how can you see the pot holes in the road. The headlights on, or knowing your genetic ‘SNP’s’ you can see the pot holes or the genes that are not need extra support for a smoother ride in your health as you grow older. Don’t wait until its too late a diagnosis at 65 could have been prevented in your childhood – 20’s onwards. 

body systems
  1. Digestive System
  2. Lymphatic System
  3. Immune System
  4. Nervous System
  5. Endocrine System
  6. Muscular System
  7. Skeletal System
  8. Cardiovascular System
  9. Integumentary System (Hair, Skin, Nails)
  10. Urinary System
  11. Respiratory System
  12.  Cannabinoid System
  13. Sensory System

Once I  have identified areas in your body systems that need support we can then dive into increasing your energy, ensuring your detoxification and methylation pathways are clear. I will help you to ensure your immune system is boosted and your digestions is working optimally; supporting you with the right pre and probiotics, the right essential fatty acids and ensuring your nutrition is complete. Support any nervous system issues as well as supporting your cardiovascular system and your structure. And finally supporting your hormones and sex hormones that ensure you are functioning at your Ultimate Health.

Supporting you to identify the areas where you have symptoms that need resolving, and then implementing a personalised plan backed with a robust and detailed program that guides you on your health journey.


Firstly natural medicine is an overall approach that looks at many non-harmful ways to help the body to do what it does best…. to heal, repair and be healthy. Take cutting your arm for example, the body heals itself, this is done at an unconscious level. Meaning that you do not consciously need to think tto repair the wound, it just happens for much bigger things too like how to deal with inflammation, oxidative stress which if not turned off by the body will accumulate and eventually lead to dis-ease in the body (see the top 10 ways we pass away at what these diseases are).

Secondly when you feed your mind, look after your gut and nurture your belief system, alkalise your body with high energy, high nutrient foods like vegetables, apples and pears you will find your Ultimate Health very quickly. Ditching the sugar, never eating gluten, eliminating the bad fats and oils, inflammatory animal products (eat grass fed instead) will all give fuel to your cells by way of nutrients, which is what every cell in your body heals and repairs with…. nutrients, oxygen, hydrogen and water. Your body does not repair and heal with medications, medications simply alleviate a symptom. The key is to understand why the symptom is there and then ‘turn off the tap’. 

Thirdly we look at diet from a whole-food, plant-based nutritional approach. Using nutrients from food, and botanic medicine to enhance the body and immune function. Touching on homeopathic remedies, hydrotherapy, working alongside your doctor. I show you the lifestyle changes that you can implement to manifest your Ultimate Health now and for your longevity. Establishing Health & Wellness. I help you to attain not just your optimal health but reaching to strive always for Ultimate Health. 

There are several principles that naturopathic medicine follows: (The roots to this philosophy go back to the wisdom of many cultures like Ayurveda from India, Taoism from China, Hippocrates from Greece and others). 


Healing Power of Nature

We practice the Healing Power of Nature with the knowledge that our body has the innate power and ability to heal itself . When we come form this approach we enhance and aid natural non toxic therapies to bring your body back to Ultimate Health.

Naturopath as a Teacher

The naturopath as the Teacher. When you see a naturopathic nutritionist/ practitioner/ coach/ consultant they will teach you about your body, your condition, possible causative factors and so on. Educating and empowering you so you can make the right choices for your health and longevity. 

Do No Harm

First do no Harm. In today’s society, we are brought up to go straight to the doctor and take medications. But what if you flipped this to….. going to the doctor, get diagnosed and then seek a nutritionist/ naturopath that can advise on non-toxic, non-harmful ways to help your body to heal. It’s great to know why you have the condition, so that you can apply lifestyle changes. 

Treat the Cause

We identify & deal with the cause. You go to your doctor to ‘treat’ a symptom, but a nutritonist goes one step further and looks for and understanding of why the symptom(s) or health condition is there in the first place. A symptom is telling you there is something wrong. Understanding why it’s there is then the starting point for the right protocol and therapy to be advised. Treating symptoms, like taking medications only masks the symptoms and so you health condition will still be there and will eventually get worse. Today this is called this Health Care Management. Rather than manage look to reverse and prevent and if not yet sick to just prevent. 

Whole Person Approach

Look at the Whole Person. When we seek help from a medical doctor you are likely to be sent to a specialist. If your condition involves several specialists you will find you are being helped by several specialists, the body works as a whole. The naturopathic approach is that of looking at all your body systems and look at yourself as a whole, finding out where the blocks are and removing them, so your body can do what it does best… heal. A naturopathic approach also takes into consideration emotional, spiritual, social and other areas that affect our constitution. 


Prevention is the best cure. One of my favourites at Ultimate Health, believing and teaching preventative medicine. Medicine includes the foods you eat, additional supportive short term supplementation. Foods that are healing. mindset that is calm, and finding a higher power that can be your guide and prompt your subconscious to make the right choices moving forward. 

Allopathic Vs Naturopathic Approach

Allopathy : Allopathic medicine is the practice of conventional medical doctors. Using medications to treat symptoms (M.D). Symptom relief will get you by but is not a long term solution. This is where a Nutritionist can help you to get to the core of the symptom and why it was triggered. 

Naturopathy with Nutrition :  Looking at your health as a whole, whole body approach. Searching for the reasons the symptoms are there and how to eliminate the blocks that are holding your health back. Attaining optimal and ultimate nutritional, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Developing a unique personalised plan for you with a therapeutic clinically proven and evidence based protocol. (N.T)

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    In Conclusion…

    Tania wants to make things simple for you as restoring health & well being can be confusing.

    1. If you want to dip your toe in try the Health Check First and start at your pace (Learn More)
    2. If you have blood tests and just want a review from an optimal level then let Tania show you what your results mean, how you can track you blood tests and where you might want to make changes to your diet and lifestyle (Learn More…)
    3. If you have a health issue book a one to one Nutritional Clinic Consult, it will support you through your health journey (Learn More…)
    4. If you have a chronic condition then try the 12 Month Nutritional Clinic Consult (Learn More…)
    5. If you don’t really want to have any one to one but go at your pace at home then the membership offers a ton of health information, what to eat, what to eliminate, whats ‘healthy’ and learning into topics that the internet makes confusing. Nutritionists are trained to follow evidence based and clinical application approaches. Specialist programs available to dive into your health issues. (Learn More…)

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