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Ultimate Health Reboot, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Online Program has been running for 7 years. It started off very different to where we are today. It’s been called many names – “Irresistible You”, the “Hormone Detox”, “Ultimate Guided Detox” but finally it’s been running as Ultimate Health as this is exactly what you get when you apply the simple principles regularly. We have helped hundreds of people for all sorts of reasons. Weight loss, illness prevention, cancer diagnosis & help through cancer treatment, heart disease prevention, clearing up thyroid issues, reversing fibromyalgia, eliminating migraines. Bloating, constipation and gas all melt away. Gut healing and microbiome supporting using Naturopathic Nutrition principles that work. We want to show you how you can ditch the “label” that has been given to you or the “label” we give ourselves or are diagnosed with  and instead direct you to find the causes of your health and weight issues so you can start from there and find your road to Ultimate Health. Below are testimonials that can help you to wipe the slate clean with a reboot and start afresh with a healthy mind and body. 

Each month we guide members through a RESET. We have a starting point with measurements that are recorded each time you follow this “one clear path” health boosting journey, and at the end of the 20-30 days the improvements blow us away. Here are the inspiring stories of our members…..


Karen Puttock

Stopped Her Pain from Fibromyalgia in 8 Days!

Karen joined us in January of 2019 with Fibromyalgia, pain all over. Fatigued and looking for a solution. We had a one to one consultation with Karen, and she was all ready and motivated to start her new journey.  Karen started her reboot on 1st January 2019 and by day 8 she was pain free and did not need to take her pain killers anymore.

Hi Tania, Thank you very much for your message it was really great to hear from you. Just to say I am doing really, really well.  As I said from before, its been quite a revelation really, my new eating habits. To be quite honest I did not actually think that I had a poor diet beforehand. I have always been pretty healthy and I thought I was eating pretty clean. I never used to have processed take-aways but there was something that obviously was not agreeing with me…. Learn More Here

Karen  Puttock

Brighton, UK


Felicia Ayling

Rebooting to Get Through Cancer Treatment

Felica came to me from a recommendation from a fellow Ultimate Health’er– Yvonne. Felica was in her first rounds of Chemo and came to me tired and in need of a boost to get her through her treatment. We got going straight away and I set Felica up with all she needed. The results were stunning. The nurses even told her that she looked healthier than they did. Her positivity and embracing of the ideas set out in the program helped her to sail through her chemo treatment at the time. Here is what Felicia had to say after the program, in a whats app to me personally.

“Thank you Tania for its so lovely to hear from you. So happy to be well and back at work. I am still juicing and it helps me stay well. I am off to Perth soon for Christmas and will be back at the end of December.I would like to start the detox in Jan and I will get in touch when I am back in Singapore. Thank you for the video link. I hope it helps motivate people to get onto juicing. Itmade such a big difference to my recovery. I feel blessed to have found your website I am still telling everyone about it 😘 “

Thank you, dear Felicia. This is just the inspiration others need to know there is hope and everyone can overcome the biggest of hurdles in life when we have the support and community around us to help us have faith and get there.

Felicia Ayling

Head Mistress, Singapore


Each month we run a reboot program. In this time who ever is in our groups sees massive benefit and gain. In their wellbeing, confidence, daily feeling of vitality and energy. Feeling your body deliver it’s Ultimate Health to you. To feel this you have to try it. Everyone gains from the program. It’s priceless for  long term health shifts that last. Learning new healthy habits, and join again and again to keep yourself on track.

Meet Mike Hickman, Personal Coach, Singapore

I’ve had a great time with this program & have decided on the following going forward for me:

1. I will go meat free 2 days per week
2. I will take at least 1 juice every day
3. I will do a 3-day mini detox every month.

I wanted to set myself some achievable goals & I know that I can do the above.

Thank you all for your support & making me laugh lots & realize I should own more hats!

Diana Palmer, Red Roaster, Brighton UK

I’m down 3 kgs which is great but even more thrilled with increased energy. Was/ am following rice diet which u are never hungry on..though sometimes crave a bit of flavour. Noticed that if I don’t have bread I don’t have butter n if I don’t have tea I don’t have milk so avoiding things in pairs the way forward!

“I did well, I’m surprised I stuck to it to the plan and definitely made me realize how much I emotionally eat. But for the juicing, after day 5 I added a salad as one meal.” …. “I’ve maintained the weight I lost during the reboot and I feel lighter and more energetic overall which is great for me”

Dr Shirley, City Osteopathy, Singapore

“Hi Divas ladies, I hope you are all doing well… for some of us we finished and others are nearly there…I finished last Thursday and I didn’t really at the time decided what I was going to do. But since then I realize that my body is asking me not to get too far away from the “good track”. So I keep on doing the liver-loving recipe as much as possible and introducing   Together some fish, meat, and chicken knowing that I eat each of them once a week. For the rest, I try to keep lentils and beans my best friends.”

Fiorenza Toffolon, Singapore

“Definitely sticking to the next phase, and trying out the new recipes. I have lost one stone and 4 inches off my waist.”

Lisa Reader, UK

“My nails are growing like hell!

Alex Schmutterer, Singapore

“Sorry for the radio silence! Busy week with family but all good news! I can’t say I’ve stopped. I still juice at least 3x a day and eat super healthy when I have meals. I’m halfway to my weight goal but have to fly to the US in a month so will be impossible to juice those 8 days. I feel great and have recommended Tania’s program to many people. Hope you all are doing well”

Carleen Meknes, USA

“I really enjoyed Tania’s program. I take my health very seriously and managed to learn some new tricks to staying on track” Thanks you Tania I enjoyed the reboots with you and the group

Sham Mahabir, London UK

Hi all.  I am still juicing 2-3 times a day as broke the juicing once or twice. Also eating much lighter managed to lose 5 lbs. Will try again in May. Love the recipes and juices and for sure will continue them. Hubby lost 8 lbs so Is happy 🙂 well-done ladies !!

Think it is the coffee I am missing most !!  My hubby is doing great on it and thrilled with his weight loss”

Yvonne Nobel, Singapore

Thank you, Tania, it has been tough with up and down but I lost 2 kg. And thanks for all the encouragement of new friends here. I Have been recommending the program to my customers.  Thanks again to Tania and fab ladies.

Tri, from Botanic Culture, Singapore


Jackie Owen

Diabetes & Kidney Disease

This is Jackie, Jackie is my Mum. Mum was the first person I helped after I discovered this incredible journey. My mum went from heart palpitations and passing out to being in hospital to doing the program and 3 months later being 20kg lighter (85kg to 65kg) and getting her life back, blood sugars balanced and feeling on top of the world. Here is Jackie’s story

“I am not sure if I would be here today if I had not started this health journey back in 2013. I really was at my ultimate worst and had passed out cold from chest pains in the street at a bus stop in Singapore. I immediately started rebooting and after 10 days I was already 9kg down and feeling soooooo much better. I carried on and I felt like I had got my life back. I was actually in the gym and I could jump and get both feet off the ground. I can’t remember the last time I did that! “

Mum, So proud of you. What you achieved back then, and still working on today. I know you have your off times, but you now know what you are doing and how to stay healthy. Just so you all know, mum came back to the UK after her time in Singapore and went back to her old ways. The weight went back on and then excruciating back pain came. We then got mum back on track and she lost the weight even quicker than the first time and now has consistently kept the weight off.

Jackie Owen

Mum, UK & Singapore


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