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Take A Break from Your Daily Eating Patterns, The Ultimate Health Complete Body Reset!
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The 30 Day Body Reset Guides you through A “one clear path” plan TO FEEL AMAZING INSIDE & OUT

The Body Reset is backed by science. When followed the “One Clear Path” nourishes & supports your immune. So much so, that you can keep coming back to this, again and again, until you achieve your Ultimate Health.

Proven to help with most health issues and great to reduce your weight.


1,000 Plant BASED Recipes

Choose from over 1,000 easy to follow recipes which boost your mood, and teach you how to cook in the healthiest way. Some have videos too on how to make. 

Full Guided Nutrition Plan

Set out in 3 10 day phases – 10 Days REMOVE, 10 Days REBOOT, 10 Days RESET. Tania guides you through each phase with Videos, mp3s, and PDF’s. Learning how to get your nutrients from food. 

Complete Meal Plans & Tips

Everything is done for you in the meal plans of each phase. This program teaches you how to reset your energy, your vitality, you weight, your mindset and your well being. Its a “One Clear Path” formula.

What is Ultimate Health?

The Ultimate Health program has been used and growing since 2013 after Tania had her own health scare. On the quest for longevity, ageing slower and feeling younger the “One Clear Path” formula works every time it’s applied. You will save your money on wasted supplements, unhealthy food shops, and learn to make healthy choices that boost you to feel fantastic. 

It’s a Whole Food Plant-Based Approach

The Ultimate Health, Reset is super easy to follow. We start with 10 days of REMOVE, where we eliminate and replace with healthier options the foods and drinks that hold our health and wellbeing back. In just 10 Days you will feel amazing. Then we REBOOT which means after supporting the liver, getting more fibre in the first 10 days we then detox. There are over 5 ways to do this and all are really good, easy to follow and not extreme, unlike other programs. Then we RESET. This is 10 days to boost the immune with a whole-food, plant-based diet that is nutrient-packed, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating. Your energy will be sky-high.


We’ve been doing the 30 Day Body Reset since 2013. You see stunning results from our Ultimate Healther’s

Fiona Senior, UK

BEFORE THE PROGRAM: At the age of 50, I was still eating rubbish and it got to the point I’d put on 3 stone and was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. I found Tania’s site and decided for a small investment, I was going to get my health back.

DURING THE PROGRAM: I have very little will power, but Tania and our WhatsApp group were amazing and I actually got through the 30-day body reset ok.

AFTER THE PROGRAM: Lost a couple of stone and no longer a risk to diabetes – I cannot say thank you enough.

Anita Owen, UK

DURING THE PROGRAM: I suffer from migraines, so I was thrilled when during the reboot and reset I had none come up. Love the simplicity. And I lost weight too so added bonus. 

AFTER THE PROGRAM: Thanks for making it easy for me and the support group was super motivating. I really stayed on track.

The ultimate body reset

Coffee Bean

Be part of a motivating Messenger support group

Coffee Bean

Get lots of personal support from Tania

We have a super friendly community, that is supportive and motivating. You can join any of our regular messenger groups & monthly webinars. Like you take a car for a service, you can reset your body each quarter for stunning results

What you Get in the Program

Here is a deeper dive into what you get. It’s jam packed and we recommend you Reset as a regular part of your lifestyle. 

10 Day Remove

We always start our programs with measuring, goal setting, learning about the program and then you start the remove phase. The program is flexible so start when it suits you or join a messenger group (max 20 people per group), to get daily support and motivation.  The program will  teach you how to remove foods and drinks that hold you back, drain your energy and harm your long-term health and what to replace the foods you have taken out with. 

This is whats in the Remove phase:

  • Discovery & remove webinar to guide you through your next 10 days and a chance to ask questions
  • Pre – Program Measuring, BMI, Body Symptoms and more
  • 10 Days of Remove Meal Plan
  • Day 1 to 10 Remove Guide teaches you the Truth about what is actually healthy
  • Complete Substitutions list
  • 100 Page Recipe book
  • Daily Guided Emails, triggered when you are ready to start
  • Messenger support group for daily motivation and top tips, doing this with others is priceless.
  • Foods & How to Use them & Cook them in your daily cuisine.
  • Weight loss is seen in this phase, typically 1-2 kg which is around 3-4 lbs
  • 15 Minutes consultation with Tania for year members on their first Reset.
  • Join the Private Members Facebook group
  • Option to be part of our daily motivation messenger texts from Tania. Priceless. 


10 Day Reboot

The reboot phase is where you really make an impact on your body shape and your health in general. 10 days is a perfect reboot break  time to see radical changes in how you feel and how your clothes fit. The sign-up fee will be paid for in the savings from your food shopping alone. We will be fasting or doing intermittent fasting and you have over 5 reboot choices of meal plans to chose from. 

This is whats in the Reboot phase:

  • Run through of the different reboot options that you have
  • Reboot 101 guide
  • Selection of Various Different styles of Reboot – take your pick depending on your circumstances and tastes
  • Complete Guide on which reboot is right for you.
  • Full meal plans and “done for you” shopping lists in each plan
  • Recipe books for each phase
  • A pre- reboot webinar where you can ask questions and get answers to your health or weight issues. Tania talks about different topics
  • Daily Guided Emails, Trigger these when you are ready to start
  • Messenger support group for daily motivation and top tips, doing this with others is priceless.
  • This phase if you chose fasting you will be replenishing your stem cells ready for the next phase which is to boost your immune. Priceless for your Ultimate Health and longevity.
  • Weight loss will be seen in this area typically around 3kg / 6 lbs
  • 15 Minutes Consultation with Tania for year membership level.


10 Day Reset

The final phase is the Reset this is where your food choice habits start to change. Feeling energized and full of vitality. This whole-food, plant-based phase embeds this into your immune, cells and starts doing repairing blood vessels, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and resets all 12 body systems. You will see your mind and body change and flourish. The Reset is the part where you feel your Ultimate Health.

This is whats in the Reset phase:

    • 10 Day reset program with 100 page recipe book.
    • Access to over 1,000 recipes available to choose your
      • Breakfasts
      • Smoothies
      • Lunches, Dinners
      • Salads & Soups
      • Sips & Drinks
      • Making in Bulk
      • Sauces, dips & pates
      • Healthy snacks & more…
    • Resources access to the top films you must watch & books to read to further learn how to stay healthy long-term.
    • Daily Guided Emails, Trigger these when you are ready to start
    • 15 minute consultation with Tania
    • Daily Guided Emails, Triggered when you want them
    • You will save the money back from the cost of the program in your Body Reset from saved food bills and not having to buy unnecessary supplements.

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