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This chart is priceless in the kitchen. You can even use it as a shopping list to boost your vitality, & nutrient needs. Understand why nutrient dense foods are so important to feel great. Find your Ultimate Health.




Foods Vs Supplements




Save Money today by downloading this handy sheet you will treasure in your supermarket shops. Take it with you around the isles and buy the whole plant-based foods that are packed with the highest vitamins, minerals, fats, essential fats and more…. 


Don’t worry I am not a marketing company that bugs you by filling up your inbox. My name is Tania and I am the founder of Ultimate Health, a program that helps you to move away from health issues and gives you Your Ultimate Health, Your Ultimate Weight. This download is just one part of many that I share in Ultiamte Health. This is my first freebie for you, and it totally rocks! If you are looking to improve your health from the many most types of ill health conditions we face today, then many symptoms we have on a daily basis that we just live with, then I can help point you in the right direction. My methods come from eating a whole-food plant-based diet, packed with all it’s essential nutrients for your wellbeing. I have been teaching this since 2013 through referrals and now ready to share with the you the quick changes that you can make to save you money,  save you time and improve your health and help you to reach your ideal weight & size.

  • Which foods have the highest nutrients from Vitamin A to Z, all the Minerals, Fats, and Proteins. 
  • Find out why each vitamin is so vital
  • See how each vitamin can give you classic symptoms so you know what your body is missing
  • Helps you to transition from expensive “isolated, concentrated factory made nutrients that are not natural to take in such large quantities. 
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