Getting Started

4 Simple Steps

to Kick Start Your Health

Get healthy, feel great and take the label off your self. I am “fat”, I have “cancer”, I am “tired” etc. Lets wipe your health slate clean

Planning a lifestyle change can be daunting on your own. And you know what they say, the best time to have the road map is before you enter the woods. If you are planning on entering the maze to get healthy & transition into a new lifestyle, then let us help you. Try these simple 4 steps to get you up and running from today. No overwhelm just follow the 4 steps and join in.




Step 1.

Download this Freebie

Passionately put together, this brilliant Foods Vs Supplements fridge “cheat” sheet, will save you $$$. You will want to reference to it often. Even use it as a shopping list. All the nutrients and where to get them from food (no need for supplements).



Step 2.

Get Social With Me


Stay ahead of your health curve, and sign up to the Ultimate Health weekly vlog. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube. So you can sit back & enjoy the content & build on your knowledge about what is truly healthy and backed by science-based proven facts, so you don’t get confused by all the myths, fad diets, hearsay & hype!


Step 3.

Get Ultimate Health Updates

It’s free to sign up, and you will get the latest truly honest health news. The latest tips, healthy recipes, lifestyle hacks, myths busted & seasonal food buys, that will leave you feeling “smug” about your health choices. I don’t email often, but when I do its valuable.



Step 4.

Join a Program

We have over 11 programs covering Discovery, Remove, Reboot, Reset, Specialist Starter Programs for individual health conditions which I call starter programs to bespoke coaching sessions. Find the best program to suit your individual needs and  be part of a community of others that is supportive and motivating to help you to reach your health and weight goals.  

From £27.00

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