Hi, as you know I am Tania and I began this health kick back in 2012. I helped myself after treatment by rebooting or detoxing. Giving my body a break and from all my learning and courses and evidence-based enquiry, I wrote Ultimate Health and the programs that I offer. I also write all the blogs on the site, podcasts, youtube videos that I share with you, and create all the things that you see on social media. I have also worked with some great people as per below and more that you can see in my suggested page. And I give gratitude and thanks for their support of helping Ultimate Health and helping it to evolve into what it is today.
Welcome to Ultimate Health, I am Greg, Husband to Tania. I help Tania with her accounts (as she is terrible with numbers), helping her to focus, as she has so many ideas and new things to share. I also help with a few of the recipes in the program, as I am a keen chef and love to test myself with cooking plant-based meals, something that I never thought I would be doing but have learnt so much from Tania’s passion and knowledge into nutritious foods. I am also a shoulder to bounce ideas off and an ear to listen to her ideas and future plans.
Hello, my name is Sarah Bennett and I help to take Tania’s website shots, and some for her online presence. I am a commercial freelance photographer. I love working with Tania and am an Ultimate Healther myself. Staying healthy and shooting healthy shoots with Tania inspires me to stay on track. For more about my work you can reach me at https://www.sarah-bennett.com/

Hi my name is Mark. I have worked Tania since 2014 to set up, build & host Tania’s websites. I help Tania with the website design and the program design I also provide tech support. If you need website design or ongoing website support you can reach me through my website https://hub4.digital/

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