Understanding Nutrigenomics 

Gene Testing and Interpretation, using Nutrition to transform your Future Health

Nutrigenomics does not diagnose dis-ease but can highlight if you have a susceptibility so you can navigate around that area. Like sailing about away from the rocks so you don’t sink.

This amazing nutrigenomics tool can be used for female and male hormone health. It helps you to understand how you are set up to make your hormones, how you receive them at the receptor, and how you can clear your hormones.

Working with a practitioner like Tania can help you to understand this and to navigate the “potholes” or “glitches”.  We need all of these hormones to be producing at their optimal level for balance and they need to be cleared, which can then lead to your detoxification gene pathways for clearance.

Like well-oiled cogs of a clock, your genes all work in sync with each other. And each cog has a job to play just like each enzyme/SNP has a part to play in the smooth running of your body.

What We Evaluate In Your NutriGenomics 

Your Functional Genomics Analysis report will show all the areas that you need to know about and we evaluate in a pyramid order with the bottom of the pyramid being worked on first and then working up to the most important part of your genetic structure. 

In order of importance below are the areas that are covered: We would tackle any gene polymorphisms / SNP’s from the bottom up 

  1. METHYLATION – Every cell in your body functions with methylation – a process that is important for 
    1. Repairs and builds your DNA 
    2. Turns genes on and off
    3. Reduces the aging process and protects your telomeres
    4. Processes hormones
    5. Detoxifies chemicals and heavy metals
    6. Processes hormones
    7. Builds healthy immune cells
    8. Turn the stress response on and off
    9. Provides us with energy
    10. Reduces histamine
    11. Repairs cell membranes and produces myelination of nerves
    12. Supports neurotransmitters and produces myelination of nerves
    13. Supports neurotransmitters to prevent depression, anxiety, insomnia and help brain function
  2. NUTRIENT METABOLISM – Looking at amino acid metabolism, Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Pantothenic Acid (B5), Pyridoxine (B6), Biotin (B7), Choline, Iodine, Magnesium, Molybdenum co-factors, Selenium, Phosphorus and Zinc
  3. PHASE 1 DETOXIFICATION – Evaluating your CYP enzyme SNP’s which gives glues to how you detoxify caffeine, alcohol, pesticides, medications and smoking
  4. ENERGY, NEUROTRANSMITTERS & HORMONES – Mitochondrial energy, to how your body produces that energy, to the neurotransmitters connected to mood and how we feel, and hromones that are involved in so many processes like Sex Hormone Binding Globulin pathways. 
  5. PHASE II AND PHASE III DETOXIFICATION – looking at your sulphation, glucuronidation, methylation, and acylation. As well as your urea cycle and autophagy. 
  6. ANTIOXIDANTS – These are the pathways that need support to balance oxidative stress & ROS. 
  7. OXIDATIVE STRESS & ROS – we start here to reduce as much of the damage that can be put on the body as possible. Things like iron overload called a Fenton Reaction, Nitric Oxide polymorphisms, gut and systemic issues of histamine and or oxalates, as well as mast cell issues and EMF sensitivity 



This is the big one and is at the top/start, but we address this last. Once all the other genetic pathways are supported then we can work on your methylation responsible for repairing and building DNA, turning on and off genes, reducing the aging process that protects telomeres, detoxifies chemicals and heavy metals, processes hormones, builds immune cells, turns the stress response on an off, provides us with energy, reduces histamines, repairs cell membranes & produces myelination of nerves. Supports neurotransmitters to prevent depression, anxiety, insomnia and aids in brain function. 


Nutrient Metabolism

A broad spectrum of nutrients is covered in this panel:

Amino Acid Metabolism, Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Pantothenic Acid (B5), Pyridoxine (B6), Biotin (B7), Choline, Iodine, Magnesium, Molybdenum Cofator genes, Phosphorous, Selenium, Zinc




If mTOR is upregulated it can cause issues. Identify this so you can rectify up or down regulations on this gene pathway


Looking at how you clear medications out of the body, CYPs are a group of enzymes that play an important role in your phase 1 detoxification. Helping to remove toxins and unwanted substances, like alcohol, toxins from smoking, medications, and caffeine. I


This is a protein-coding gene on how e process pesticides, toxins, and toxin metabolites like organophosphorus insecticides and nerve gasses. This gene detoxifies organophosphate pesticides and has antioxidant properties.



Fats Carbs and Proteins

Many of us have issues with phosphatidyl choline with our PEMT pathway. How are you digesting your fats and carbohydrates?

Neurotransmitters and BH4

Looking at Dopamine, Adrenaline, Epinephrine and Norepinephrine as well as GABA and Serotonin. How your mood and your neurotransmitter pathways affect your responses and BH4 where a deficiency will lead to low levels of certain neurotransmitters.

Vitamin A and D

How are you processing your vitamin A and D? Do you have a down regulation in these genes pathways that might affect the impact of your immune?

Mitochondrial Function

Are your mitochondria functioning optimally? What about the biosynthesis of Co!10? And how is your electron transport chain complex I working for you? Take a deeper dive into your energy pathways. 

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Do you have varients in SHBG gene whcih can cause dysregulation in your testosteron and oestrogen levels as well as lowered progesterone. Hormone testing may be in in order to see if hormonal symptoms exist. For Men, especially older men, SHBG variants may indicate mroe circulating SHBG resulting in lowered testorsterone levels. For Women, SHBG variants may indicate less SHBG resulting in higher androgen levels overall. 


Phase III Detoxification

Where toxins after phase II are attached to the bile and or the urine


The cleaning of the cells

Urea Cycle

Phase II, Sulfation 

To see where there is potential weakness

Phase II, Glucuronidation

Phase II, Acetylation


Phase II, Glutathione Conjugation

Phase II, Methylation


Nrf2, Keap1

After looking at NOX we look here


These are all your antioxidants



These are all your antioxidants


SOD and Catalase

hese are all your antoixdants



These are all your antioxidants



These are all your antioxidants



Fenton Reaction

This is where iron combines with hydrogen peroxide to make hydroxyl radicals and the most common thing we can see in clinic.

Nitric Oxide

Incredibly important but needs BH4 and NADPH as well as a good working enzyme and aluminum or lead that affects this enzyme we then make superoxide rather than nitric oxide.



Makes you an intelligent and highly motivated go-getter but we can make too much glutamate or have trouble converting it into GABA. Either way, we are inflamed which makes us more susceptible to gluten, mould, and dairy sensitivty. 


Gut, Histamines & Oxalates

Not being able to clear histamine and oxalates that can cause damage to joints and give pain and kidney issues


Heme Pathway and Sulfites

Very important pathway and critical heme  that is needed for many detoxification processes as well as making haemoglobin

Mast Cells, NOX & EMF Sensitivity 

The most important pathways and NOX with environmental factors overstimulate this enzyme. 80% are related to NOX upregulation and EMF sensitivty. We look her first then NrF2


Nutrigenomics for your Ultimate Health…

Your genes show the “potholes”, Nutrition fills them,

Do you want to take control of your health and quality of life by addressing health issues assisted by your gene mutations? Often mainstream practitioners and doctors are not looking at this invaluable information that can help you to understand the areas in your gene pathways that need extra support. Our aim with this community is to help you to understand your genes and give you access to cutting-edge research in the field of Genetics for nutrition known as Nutrigenomics.

So let’s get you started….

Nutritional Therapy Consultation Clinic

Each nutritional clinic lasts around 1.5hours. In this time we explore your previous health history, current situation, and future health. We dive deep into each of your 12 body systems from Digestive System, Nervous System, Endocrine (Hormones), Cardiovascular, Immune and Allergies, Respiratory, Musculoskeletal, Skin, Detoxification clearance,  Reproductive System, and Urinary System. We look at lifestyle upgrades and therapeutic supplementation prescription will be given to boost any areas that need additional support.  

Here is what you get:

  • After your discovery call, we book the time for your clinic session 
  • 1.5 hours clinic
  • 30 minutes delivery of the nutritional plan
  • Handouts and links to resources for your health journey 
  • Therapeutic Supplement Prescription personalized to you
  • Membership to the online Ultimate Health program
  • Access to over 1,000 recipes
  • Daily Guided Emails, triggered when you are ready to start each course in the program
  • Join the Private Members Facebook group where you can ask question
  • Functional Testing can be added to your clinic and ordered, interpretation will be delivered in the 2nd clinic


functional testing optional extra

Nutrigenomic 360 Plan

Nutritionist Consultation with Genetic Analysis and Interpretation

Nutrigenomics looks at your gene susceptibilities, along with functional testing to give you a snapshot in time of where you are at now. We then use nutrition and lifestyle upgrades to “plug” the potholes in our gene pathways and use therapeutic supplements to boost our health from within and at a cellular level giving the cells the co-factor boosts they need to bring you back to your Ultimate Health. 

Here is what you get:

  • All of the consultation benefits from before 
  • 1.5 hour consultation
  • In-depth analysis of your reports that are personalized to you
  • NutriGenomic Boosting Shopping list of all the foods that support your gene pathways for optimal enzymatic functionality within the body. 
  • Explanation and training on your reports. 
  • 1 hour follow up consultation for further interpretation and analysis


includes genetic test kits delivered to you (shipping test back not included). functional tests optional extra

Progress Consultation

Motivation, support, additional handouts, new recipes. Testing interpretation and ordering of new functional testing. 




Book Your Sessions with Tania

Contact Tania today for a free 15-minute discovery call. 

With global clients, Tania has an international portfolio of clients from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Email Tania at [email protected] 


Ultimate Healther Reviews

Great program and met a lot of others on the same journey. Thank you Tania

I was not sure what to expect but knew I had to give my body a break. I work hard and don’t stop. This was “Fiona” and I like that I could follow a meal plan. I did not take advantage of the group motivation, maybe next one.

Fiona Senior

I met Tania in San Fransisco at a conference. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. I needed to lose my weight and Tania helped me to start.  The program was simple to follow and the recipes were yummy. I am still making them today. I really love the fact that I can keep coming back to this when I know I am coming off the rails.

Bonnie Brown

Tania brought me into my first reboot in 2014, I have not eaten MacDonalds since. I love the juices that bring my blood pressure down. Doing this with Tania also brought us closer together. 

Gregor Schnuppe

Reminder of What you get in the Ultimate Health Program

Whats In the Ultimate Health Program?
Full Breakdown of What you Get
  • Welcome guided emails to get you started links to exactly where to start and what to do next
  • Pre-Program
    • Start Here Tour of the Program
    • The program in a nutshell – so you get to know what you have got
    • Reboot Calendar
    • Movie to Watch for motivation
  • Pre-Program Measuring yourself – priceless
    • Full measuring guide
    • Pictures before and after
    • Finding your BMI
    • Finding out how many calories your body needs exactly to your height, age, fitness, sex, & weight
    • Nutrient tracker so you can see exactly what nutrients you are getting
    • Guide on how to lose weight and how to put it on
    • Diagnosing symptoms
    • Tracking your bio-markers & supplementation
    • Understanding your blood tests
  • Pre-Program Motivation and Mindset course
    • Setting goals you can achieve
    • How to get the right mindset to achieve your goals
    • Benefits of journaling to keep you on track
    • Master your Cravings Hacker
  • Pre-Program Kitchen Cupboard
    • Tools for the kitchen
    • Clearing the cupboards
    • How to make a meal plan
    • Making a batch
    • Movie to get you motivated to start your 10-day Discovery/Remove phase
  • Full Access to Remove Program – 10 Days
    • Remove Guide
    • Remove meal plan
    • Remove substitutions
    • Habit Hacker
    • 10 X You Energy Levels Fridge Sheet
    • 10 Days Meal plan
    • Day 1-10 Understanding foods and drinks and how they hold your health back. Priceless! This is what you won’t hear from your doctor, the papers or the TV.

If you keep saying I will start tomorrow. This is the program for you. Easy entry will make a huge impact on how you feel and the choices you make going forward.

We have made this a membership as you will want to do this again and again. We want to motivate you to do that.

Whats in the Reboot Program?
Full Breakdown of Reboot

Guide to Different meal plans that you can choose from 

  • 10 Day Juicing and Eating Meal Plan
    • Complete with recipes and how to’s
  • Juicing Reboot 
    • Recieps
    • Meal Plan
    • Do’s and Dont’s
  • Longevity Reboot 
    • Adding in some good fats and caffeine to boost your day
  • Rice Diet 
    • Filling and will banish cravings
    • Recipes 
    • Done for you meal plan
  • Starch Based Diet
    • If you like your carbohydrates this is the plan for you
    • Recipes
    • Done for you meal plan

New Meal plans added monthly

Whats in the Reset Program?
Full Breakdown of What you Get
  • Learning how to stay healthy with training on:
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals 
  • Nutrients
  • Supplements and Orthomolecular
  • Superfoods 
  • Cellcore Protocols


  • Pathogens
  • Toxins
  • EMF and Radiation


  • The Healing Toolkit
  • Exercise and Selfcare
  • Meditation and Reprogramming

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