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Join Ultimate Health Weekly, where we take a look at hot health topics, debunk the marketing hype and strip it back to a Non-Nonsense approach to what is really healthy and what just is not. We guide you through the health information maze. We follow the science so you don’t have to. Just follow us instead to get the latest in what is actually healthy! No myths, No-Nonsense.

Hosts, Tania & pamela

Our passion is seeking the truth about what is ACTUALLY HEALTHY. Let share with you our shocking findings so you can make better choices for your future health. Join us in our news updates. We don’t send anything unless its important for you to know.

It’s Not a Diet….It’s A Lifestyle…..

Healthy Challenges
  • Ultimate Health run Regular challenges, join us for free and have some fun
  • Making it easy to stick to one challenge at a time
  • Member support to motivate you to achieve one new health goal at a time
Regular Reboots
  • Ultimate Health runs regular reboots/resets. We REMOVE, REBOOT, RESET
  • Feel healthy on a regular basis
  • You won’t be alone, we run reboot groups to challenge, motivate and push you to stick to a plan
Prevention & Longevity
  • Ultimate Health is a series of programs that are designed for prevention for your future health
  •  Ultimate Health practices natural medicine
  •  We educate how your lifestyle is your medicine
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