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Ultimate Health offers weekly events

Check out the next webinar, talk, masterclass or workshop. Tania & Pamela share their journey with you so you can start your health journey too. Tania & Pamela have done the groundwork so you don’t have to. Their standard is gold, and the approach is no-nonsense

Talk to Chose From


Courses to Take Part In

Ultimate Health Master Class

Learn about ultimate health, the membership and the many things it can help you with. Tania & Pamela have shared their knowdge and done the research so you don’t have to. This program comes with over 500 totally healthy and delicious recipes. Meal plans with shopping lists too. All you need to get started on your new health journey. A “one clear” easy path to follow. With all the other Ultimate Healthers too. 


10x Your Energy 

Tania shows you how you can easily boost your energy with just changing your diet. This amazing cheat sheet is your ideal fridge magnet companion. 


Ultimate Hair Challenge

This challenge is a real challenge but if you are looking to boost the health of your hair; stop the extra hair dropping and build your hair’s natural shine back up. Making it thicker, stronger and easier to manage? If yes, then this challenge is for you




Food & Mood

A talk that shows how our food can affect our mood. How we can boost our brain, the brain-gut connection. We talk about sleep, exercise, studying foods and more.


  • Recipes provided
  • Full slides given out
  • Find solutions in food 
1 Hour Talk 


Intermittent Fasting

A hugely popular talk. We give a full demo on how to juice, blend and correctly plan your intermittent fasting. This talk is interactive and questions answered. 


  • Recipes
  • Demo
  • 1 Hour
2 Hour Workshop


Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight and feel great. Tania’s 7 years experience in this field with 100’s of success stories, shows you the easy to follow plan to…


  • Lose up to 14 lbs in 20 Days 
  • Learn about your body type 
  • Why we hold our weight in different areas
1 Hour Talk



What We Include…

Expenses Included

Travel expenses are included in the talk price


All slides are backed up by evidence based science

Q & A

Q & A at the end to tap into the Ultimate Health knowledge bank

Health Is our Passion

We are passionate about health.

Tailored Talks

We can tailor our talks to your audience needs


We offer workshops too. 

Arrival & Set Up

We arrive in plenty of time and can send on the slides from the presentation ahead of time for set up and smooth delivery. We bring with us interative games too.

Cancellation Policy

Give us some notice and we can cancel the talk or postpone it to another convenient time. 

What's In our Talks

Plenty of interaction, positivity and clear explanation. We take questions too and if we are challenged we will come back to you with the truth about what actually healthy.

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