Taking Time for yourself is really important, and on a daily basis we can tend to get swept up in the flow of the day without any consideration for ourselves. Even if we steal a few moments whilst waiting for something we may check on social media rather than take this time for ourselves. This is not time that is effective or productive for you.

15 minutes could be a magic number for you, from a recent post by Gary Bertwistle, 15 minutes could make all the difference to you in your day if you gave yourself that time.

So what difference could 15 minutes make  in your hour, day, week or month? If you take the start of the day and if you take just 15 minutes to start your day in the right way with a routine that can set up your day for the rest of your day. This is a great time to plan your day, set your intentions, meditate, or even use self hypnosis to visualise how you want your day to be. So powerful  and so effective. You may decide to sketch or draw out some ideas that you may have been dreaming of or that have popped into your mind. You may walk the dog and have some thinking time, or you could do some stretches and toning or even take a hot drink or lemon and water and read the paper, or maybe you take this 15 minutes for a detoxifying like making a vegetable juice or taking time for coffee enema to start your day (don’t cringe it really works). Make the first 15 minutes a ritual and something that you give yourself time for.

So how can you take the first 15 minutes apart from the above suggestions. Well you can start by planning it the night before and plan what you are going to do in those 15 minutes. This really sets your subconscious into the right space to get you to where you want to go and by sleeping on it too, it will filter into your dreams and you will process this and it will be part of your life if you give it at least 21 days chance to make it stick and into a habit.

15 minutes can also be used in many other ways like getting to meetings 15 minutes early, why you ask? I have far too much to do. Well if you get there 15 minutes earlier then you will have time to prepare for the meeting, visualise what you are going to say and prepare yourself for a great and productive meeting. In the past we may have spent that time flicking over social medial, checking emails or even just wasting productive time, but if you plan your time you will be able to achieve so much more. You will be efficient and productive.

If you go to the gym 15 minutes earlier, this will give you 15 minutes extra to do stretches, plan out your session and get your focus on to what you are doing and want to achieve. Like presenting mini goals for yourself and we all know how much more successful we are when we set goals for ourselves.

At night, its also important to give yourself that time to reflect on your day, plan your intentions for tomorrow or indeed the rest of the week. Visioning is a great exercise and even better when you journal it. This gets processed in your subconscious so keep it all positive and you will be setting your mental course of direction to where you want to go. Its like driving a car, and you input your directions into the sat nav, it does not take you on a u turn and on a route that will not get you to where you want to go, no it takes you from A to B effortlessly, and that is what you do when you set your intentions. You will be programming your subconscious to get you there without you even having to think about it.

So those 15 minutes could make a big difference to your hour, your day, your week and your month. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. Timer sign icon. 15 minutes stopwatch symbol.


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