Learn How JACKIE went

from 85 to 65kg, & balanced her blood sugars

20 kg Weight Loss
Diabetes in Balance

Jackie’s Story to Getting Her Life Back…

How do you feel after the 30 Days?

I started this journey just after Tania had done her first reboot, she was doing her 2nd reboot and it sounded just what I needed. I was in a bad way. I could not walk further than a few meters without stopping for breath, I had heart palpitations and chest pains. My diabetes was out of control and I was not looking after myself. 
My first 10 days I went straight to juicing and was shocked at how great I felt after just 5 days. My weight was going down fast, I had a lot to lose. I felt so good after the first 10 days that I decided to go for it and keep juicing

Improvements After Ultimate Health


  • 20 kg weight loss in 3 months
  • My blood pressure lowered
  • Diabetes balanced out, so BS no higher than 7
  • So much energy
  • Vitality, smiles, happiness, confidence, new dresses, 
  • Got my life back. I don’t think I would have been here if I did not take this journey.

DURING THE PROGRAM: I felt so good on juicing and I could see my bodily changes daily and how great I felt that I just carried on. 

END OF THE PROGRAM: I went on for 30 days eating well, juicing, going to the gym, doing chi gong in the park for an hour and a half. Before I started I could not walk a few meters. 

AFTER THE PROGRAM: I lost all the weight that I should have done when I was in my fourties. I did this journey when I was 66! So you are never too old to lose weight. 

“Mum you did a miracle losing your weight!

You literally saved your life with the changes you made. After collapsing from chest pain and being rushed to hospital, to 3 months later being in the gym on the treadmill, with no more chest pain. You healed yourself inside and out. So proud of you”. Tania

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