Learn How Karen went

from Fibromyalgia to Pain Free

8 Days Pain Free
Weight Loss too

Karens Story Is An Inspiration…

How do you feel after the 30 Days?

I feel wonderful…. I have lost 14 lbs in weight which was a bonus as I wanted to join the programme to improve my Fibromyalgia symptoms.
I have now been 28 days without pain and fatigue. This has been a revelation as I was having pain and fatigue every day for the past 8 months or more.
Not only have I more energy and no pain but my brain fog has gone.
A few people at my local gym have asked if I have been away somewhere warm as my skin looks good and glowing.
My sleep is better and I awake envigorated.

Improvements After Ultimate Health


  • Improvement on Medical
  • My blood pressure has lowered.
  • No fibromyalgia pain or fatigue.
  • No brain fog.
  • More energy.

DURING THE PROGRAM: I am feeling very good on the juices and still no fibromyalgia pain. My energy levels are substantially better than they have for a very long time and my brain fog has gone. I am loving this programme. Kind regards.

END OF THE PROGRAM: Thank you, Tania. I will most definitely continue with this good work as I don’t want to go back to where I was. I am happy for you to share my results with future fibromyalgia clients as it is so life-changing.

AFTER THE PROGRAM: ‘Morning Tania, I am doing really well and managing to continue with the programme of eating plant based foods. The only food/drink I have introduced is one cup of coffee with cows milk per day. I am still losing weight although not trying. I love this way of eating as it really suits me and has rid me of my fibromyalgia symptoms. Kind regards Karen’

Karen Your Are Our Superstar!

The great news does not stop here. When Karen started her body symptoms were 19. We do a body symptoms check list every reboot. Karen started with 19 symptoms. After just one reboot. They went down to only 3. 

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