Let’s Paint a Clear Picture

Imagine your body is like a car. Cars we tend to be taken for a regular service to help them to run better. To get a longer life out of them. We clean the filters. We give our cars an oil change. Likewise, now imagine that your lymphatic system is like the filters of the car and the liver is the oil change. Similarly, your central nervous system, supplying from brain to your entire body, is your dashboard. We look at that dashboard to tell us what is wrong.
However with symptoms, like the lights on the dashboard, are our bodies way of telling us there is something not quite right. Mostly we ignore these symptoms and put up with them. Because of this, over time, if we do not attend these symptoms, then our body will not give us the best that it can. Wait too long before you give yourself a service and you may have to trade in.
On that note…When was the last time you took your car for a service? Or let me put it this way when was the last time you gave your body a break? A reboot or detox?

Impact of Our Western Lifestyle

Toxicity in today’s world is more prevalent than ever before. We are using more chemicals in our foods, on our bodies and in our environment than ever before. We have air pollution, water pollution and radiation all around us. Soils are depleted of nutrients from being over farmed. We are fueling our bodies on refined carbs to get us through the day. We also have the highest sugar, salt and oil intake ever in the history of man. This is leading to rising diabetes rates, heart disease, obesity, and other diseases. As well as this We are also being given more drugs than ever before, as well as many stimulants and sedatives to get us through our stressful days. Cancer and cardiovascular disease are on the rise, arthritis, allergies, and Alzheimer’s are all commonplace and these are all Man-Made Diseases! Sorry, depressing part over….

What’s happening in our body?

On a cellular level, our body produces toxins through normal everyday functions. Biochemical and cellular activities generate substances that need to be eliminated. The unstable molecules are called FREE RADICALS. They are biochemical toxins and are considered a common factor in chronic disease.
GASTROINTESTINAL – Liver, Gallbladder, Colon and GI Tract
URINARY – Kidneys, Bladder, and Urethra
LYMPHATIC – Lymph Channels and Lymph Nodes
SKIN AND DERMAL – Sweat and Sebaceous Glands and Tears
Our body handles toxins, but neutralizing, transforming and eliminating them in the liver. By consuming nutrient-rich foods that are high in antioxidants, such as vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Zinc and Selenium may neutralize the free-radical molecules.
The liver with the kidneys helps to deal with this, and may argue that this is enough. But from what I can see this is just not the case, our bodies are overloaded. However, the skin clears toxins from sweating and heat. Clearing the mind of negative thought patterns is essential too. Such as anger, resentment, fear, frustrations and replace them with forgiveness and love, joy and hope. So during cleansing, you may experience a new clarity or purpose in life, this is your journey.

Who Should Detox?

If you are eating a western diet, overloading on salt, sugar, and fats. Living life in stress and fast pace. then you should detox. If you have symptoms that are niggling you, if you have an auto-immune disease then you should detox. The aim I like to get to is to detox daily. As well as periodic fasting or rebooting as we call it nowadays, like the juice fast. Did you know Gerson Therapy uses it in conjunction with other things to reverse cancer? Our bodies need a break from time to time. Just like taking a car for a service. We need a service too.
Some need to do more frequently than others. If you are in good health then twice a year with intermittent fasting in-between is great.

What is Detox?

Think about Detox as a holiday for your body. Detoxing can help to combat many symptoms that you have in your daily life, weight management, as well as acute and chronic illnesses. I certainly found that to be true when I first started after my cancer diagnosis. After I reshaped my mind and body with a fantastic and life-changing first reboot, I then helped my mum to lose 20kgs in 3 months and she stabilised her diabetes type 2 blood sugars. She literally healed herself in front of our eyes. With the doctor’s approval, she was able to come off her medications and went down to taking one slow releasing insulin once a day and no blood pressure medications were needed. and her kidney function at one point went up from 14 close to dialysis to 23 due to the plant-based vegan diet she has been put on. Juicing fasts are used in the Gerson therapy to heal diseases such as cancer and other immune diseases. It’s very successful in boosting the body with all it needs to heal and repair.
Detox a process of clearing toxins from the body, giving the liver a break from heavy, fatty, salty, oily, high protein foods and neutralizing or transforming them, and hence clearing excess mucus and congestion. Fats especially, oxidized fats and cholesterol, free radicals, and other irritating molecules act as toxins inside of us. Pesticides in our foods, antibiotics found in the animal products, medications we take and the list goes on. We can help the liver to have a break by eliminating and eating a simple meal plan for a while. I recommend 20-30 days to see great results you will be proud of.
Detox helps the function of the liver, digestion, proper working of the colon and helping the kidneys, respiratory and skin to eliminate. Be proud of yourself that you have taken this journey.

How Often Should I Detox?

I run detox groups for 6 years now. I find the eventually you go from one detox, to booking in the next one 3 months later and then to keep doing them as often as you can. Any detox and your liver will love you. Hydrate well and DETOX/CLEANSE regularly to help the body to eliminate. Eventually, your mindset will change to daily detox and the idea is that you will start to ask yourself is what I am eating going to help me or hinder me? Is it nutritious? Or harmful? Now all you need is the tools to know what is actually truly healthy, and what you might think is healthy you may find is not. Take action and sign up to a detox. Those nigglings symptoms will start to melt away.

Can I Over Detox?

Yes, you can. This can happen from extreme fasting, laxative taking, enemas without replenishing the nutrients, diuretics, and even over exercise and exertion. These can cause deficiencies such as vitamins and mineral. You can re-toxify your body, so you if your liver is bunged up with toxins like chemo drugs the last thing you want to do is re-toxify your body. You need just the right balance.

What Happens to Our Cells Under Stress

Stress From

  • Sugar
  • Acid Diet
  • Acid Thoughts & Emotions
  • Polluted Environment
  • Radiation
  • Dehydration
  • Low Oxygen
  1. CREATION OF ACID TERRAIN   – A western diet means that the RECYCLE BUTTON is PUSHED
  2. The CYCLE OF CELL starts to ROT AND FERMENT as the healthy cell, starts to adapt to the acid environment from the foods, environmental factors and daily toxins that enter our body.
  3. CELLS LOSE HEALTHY ELECTRICAL CHARGE as they ferment & become electromagnetically disturbed and begin to clump. Eating less live foods ie raw living plant foods will speed this up.
  6. FUNGUS, MOULD, AND BACTERIA give off waster products acetaldehyde, uric acid, lactic acid, alcohol, oxalic acid, – all of which disrupt cellular & organ function.
  7. CELLS & BODY go into chronic disease state and or die & composting completes in the earth ‘from dust to dust”
As told to us by Dr Gabriel says… This is from his book Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine. And a very interesting way to think of how our bodies go into a dis-ease situation and break down

Let me Leave You with another Analogy

You may be thinking well from now on I am just going to eat healthy. You will take some more supplements and eat healthily. But if you imagine your body is like a fish tank and over the years the fish tank has got cloudy and dirty. By just feeding the fish with healthy food, it does not help the fish tank to clean. The walls of the fish tank represent your cells, and tank itself your liver. If you clean out your fish tank, the walls and then feed the fish with clean water, and fresh foods. Then you have a greater chance of keeping it that way and feeling so much better, having an outlook on life that is positive and your body will delivery wonderful things to you. So wipe your tank and clean it out. Reboot with me and I will show you exactly what to do. In our proven Ultimate Health 30 Day Guided Reboot Program. It’s easy to follow, done for you meal plans and a “one clear” path to your journey to your Ultimate Health.



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