What is Ultimate Health?

It’s a simple formula for rebooting your mind, body and wellbeing. Its a tried and tested clear path that you can follow to 10x your energy, remove foods and drinks that hold our health and weight loss back. It’s a full plan of what your body needs to clear symptoms of high blood pressure, blood sugar high’s and low’s, lowering cholesterol, boosting energy, vitality and improving your overall health. It helps you to find your ULTIMATE health.
On sign up, you will be guided from start to finish. Is simple, easy to follow with a “one clear path” journey every 10 days for 30 days. This journey will help you to stay healthy, lose weight & feel great.

This program is only 30 days long, but you get to see results in the first 10 days and then the boost from day 11-20 you will notice huge shifts in how you feel and your energy level. Vitality and overall feeling of incredible well being. Feeling light, skin glowing, blood sugars balanced. And it’s easy. Just follow the meal plans and learn at the same time why we are doing what we are doing. So that you can come back to this program again and again. For a long-term health plan.

How Do I Have Ultimate Health?

How do we do it… simple by following the proven 3 step formula. As you can see in the picture.

A formula that I put together from all my learning and it’s so simple to follow.

The 3 steps are


I guide you to REMOVE the foods and drinks that hold our health back, teach you how to REBOOT your body and wipe the slate clean for a fresh start and then show you how to RESET for long-term and lasting results to stay healthy, lose weight & feel great.

Need to give your body a break from a western diet and lifestyle?

Sign up to the 30-Minute Ultimate-Health Masterclass to find out more Not only do you get short-term gains in just days but…

THIS PROGRAM IS A LONG TERM SOLUTION, see your symptoms disappear.

What Ultimate Health Progam is Not!

It’s not a quick fix
it’s a long-term solution
It’s not about taking supplements, shakes and powders
its whole plant-based foods
It’s not about starvation and deprivation
it’s about feeling full and nourished and happy
It’s not about restrictions, it’s about eating nutritious calorically low foods that fill you up, so you can eat larger amounts not smaller!

What Ultimate Health Program Is!

It’s a blueprint, it’s a one clear path, to follow and you know what they say, the best time to have the map is before you get into the woods.
This program will leave you boosted with energy
Skin Clear, hair stronger, nails stronger
No more cravings
No more binge eating
No more eating foods that harm you
No more worry over what’s right or wrong
Just pure 100% hard scientifically based, neuroscience backed mind and body healthy habits that
you will soon find effortless to apply in your life on a regular basis, as this is not a diet…..its a lifestyle!
I teach you why we are addicted to foods and how to overcome those addictions.
I teach you the ways you can lose weight but the way that is right to lose weight.
I teach you what to cut out and what to add in.
I teach you how to have power over you what’s going on in your mind so you are in control, not the other way around, your subconscious being in control of you.
After all, willpower is so weak to rely on. We need something far stronger than that. A repeated plan.

How Do I Have Ultimate Health?

How do we do it… simple by following the proven 3 step formula. As you can see in the picture.

A formula that I put together from all my learning and it’s so simple to follow.

The 3 steps are


I guide you to REMOVE the foods and drinks that hold our health back, teach you how to REBOOT your body and wipe the slate clean for a fresh start and then show you how to RESET for long-term and lasting results to stay healthy, lose weight & feel great.

Need to give your body a break from a western diet and lifestyle?

Sign up to the 30-Minute Ultimate-Health Masterclass to find out more Not only do you get short-term gains in just days but…

THIS PROGRAM IS A LONG TERM SOLUTION, see your symptoms disappear.

There’s a plan for that

At the core of ULTIMATE Health lies having a choice of meal plans, or one page “done for you meals plans.” Created with love and for ease of use in our busy lives. For longevity, wellbeing, weight loss, feeling great and reversing disease. These meal plans are just the ticket for keeping things simple and making it easy for you to stay on plan.


“There’s a meal for that”

Summary of What You Get in The Program.

Recipe meal plans for each phase

Shopping lists


Guided Emails

Daily Whats app contact

Facebook support

In program support and guidance

Video tutorials for each learning

Video on how to make the recipes

Recipe books for each phase

Why Does it Work For Everyone?

Ultimate health is a proven formula that when followed you get results. It works by

  • Removing the foods that do us harm and hold our health back, and keep the weight on. By removing these foods your hormones balance out, you start to see results fast and that motivates you to keep going and carry on with the plan.
  • Once your hormones are balanced out, we look to heal the liver and other organs, to give them a service and a reboot to kick-start their best functioning and do what they do best to help you to stay healthy.
  • With the body being satisfied with nutritious foods and drinks you will soon notice how amazing you feel, the scales will show you the results you have been wanting and your energy will be up.

I go even deeper to help you to change those old unwanted habits, addictions and limiting beliefs with the use of her psychology learning in her hypnotherapy studies. The power of the mind can be easily tapped into. I show you how we can influence yourself in a positive way that motivates you to stay on track and make the changes you need and want.

This program works on everyone. I have had athletes, personal trainers to weight loss clients. People with cancer, getting over cancer treatment or those that had heart issues, fatty liver or even thyroid problems where TSH levels have gone back to normal. People with skin issues, joint pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia,. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and more….Check out the testimonials.

Better health, better emotional feeling, empowerment, and weight loss. In fact, if you are not on this for weight loss then you will just reach your magic number as I call it and stay there when this formula is applied. For this reason, I recommend that you come back to this way of eating as often as you can. The more you incorporate it into your life the healthier you become the greater your chance of living a life that is filled with health, vitality and at your ideal weight.

If you fall off the horse that’s ok, we all do that. It’s knowing how to get back on.

Here’s How the Program is Broken Down


10 days of REMOVE, taking out the foods and drinks that are not helpful to your health and hold us back.


10 days of REBOOT. There are 4 different styles of reboots to choose from, 4 menu plans to choose from


10 days of resetting the system in the RESET phase. This is a whole-food, plant-based meal plan that leaves you feeling happy, strong and healthy.




Do You Need One to One Support?

You may be the type of person that does not want to participate in a group or you may want to be part of the group but also need one to one motivation and support. This is my key area of expertise in helping you one to one. If you need regular contact, an accountability partner, a motivator and someone that will be guiding you personally through this life-changing journey then why not engage me to help you one to one. I offer 6 sessions of around 25 minutes and give you all the support and motivation and guidance in 6 structured calls that we can have over the Zoom chat rooms. (www.zoom.us).

CLICK HERE to find out more about this service.

This Program is for you if…


You want to lose kilos and keep them off


You have auto immune conditions



You have skin issues like eczema, acne or dry skin



Have gut issues, bloating, gas or constipation



If you do not have a clue how to start and need guidance



You want to feel energy and vitality


You find it hard to sleep



You have thyroid or adrenal issues



You are healthy and just want to continue to improve your health



If you have thyroid issues, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease



You have ongoing health issues



You have depression or anxiety



You are diabetic and want to control your blood sugars



If you need support as you can not do this alone


Why is The Program SO Special

What makes this so special is the close contact with Tania. With daily contact, she is available to give answers to your questions that you have around the program, your health and feeling great. You can find out why you have certain symptoms and how you can overcome them. Tania offers constant feed back for natural and holistic help. Looking for root cause and aiming for prevention is Tania’s message. Healing with nutritious foods, guided proven meal plans and you will see your symptoms melt away, balancing your hormones and regaining your perfect weight and body.

Tania supports

MIND – How our thoughts affect our eating habits – brain gut connection

BODY – Looking at ways to fuel the body, intake foods that heal and getting to a cellular level for cellular repair using Plant Base nutrient. We become nutrientarians

EXERCISE – Moving the body for vitality and energy

ENVIRONMENT – Looking at all the other factors around us that influence our health in +ve or -ve ways.

One to one contact from Tania daily – its priceless

Happy… Strong… Healthy

Start Today, Thank Yourself Tomorrow


Each phase we talk about and discover the right exercise for your body type.


We measure your starting point and your symptoms. There is a comprehensive 4 page guide to possible symptoms that you will see melt away by the end of the program


Stress being one of the main issues for us all Tania gives you tips and tricks on how to manage stress with some guided self hypnosis mp3’s to leave you feeling calm and in control.


Tania delivers all the latest that is being talked about in the health arena, following over 100 holistic doctors and bringing you latest in studies and science based nutrition and well being. With this you will have the power to take your heath into your own hands

Sign Up Today and Get Four Bonus Offers When You Join

Bonus #1



Detox with us as many times as you like from sign up for one year. It’s the best way to be on top of your health. Feel great any time you need, pre-holiday, pre-big event in your life. You name it.


VALUE $$$ Priceless

Bonus #2

Over 300 Ultimate Recipes

Access over 300 recipes of breakfasts, meals, soups, salads, stews, healthy snacks, sweets and desserts & foods to make in bulk.


VALUE $67.00

Bonus #3

Films For Knowledge

Get the top list of documentaries and films that will keep you in the driving seat for your health. A collection of great science-backed things to watch when you have the time to give to yourself. To grow and evolve into the best version of you that you can possibly be.


VALUE $$$ Priceless

The ULTIMATE Health & Weight Loss Program is a simple and easy to follow program that will help you to gain knowledge about the food that you eat, and also how it can affect our bodies. Where the hidden toxins are in our foods and how we can overcome these for a healthy and vibrant life. This program will aid in healing, energy, weigh loss, youthful and age regenerating skin, stronger hair, nails and a sharper mind.





Nicky Wynne, UK

I can’t believe what a brill and fab healthy journey `I have been on. It truly has changed the way I see how food affects me. I sleep better and I drink less. Love meeting all my lovely Detox Diva new friends too. Thank you Tania my Tanabee…. I am hooked. Booked in my next detox. Game on!

Carleen, Singapore

Sorry for the radio silence! Busy week with family but all good news! I can’t say I’ve stopped. I still juice at least 3x a day and eat super healthy when I have meals. I’m halfway to my weight goal but have to fly to the US in a month so will be impossible to juice those 8 days. I feel great and have recommended Tania’s program to many people. Hope you all are doing well.

Megan, Hong Kong

I have dropped 7kg and its my 2nd reboot. The program was super simple to follow and I love the fact you keep adding and changing things to make it fresh. I am looking forward to my next detox already. My whats app group was incredible. Love the support, it really motivated me through the month. When can I sign up again?

What the program is not…

It’s not a calorie counting program  |   There are no extreme detox flushes  |   Its not a starving yourself program, quite the opposite


How long do I have to do the program for?

The program is flexible so you can either do the full 30 days or start at any phase that you like, you can always do the full program at a later date. But the best thing is to get started.

Can I continue to take my supplements and medication?

Yes if you wish, but with regard to the supplement you can come off these for the juicing phase as you will be having a lot of nutrients going in.

Always consult your doctor with any queries to your medication.

Do I have to do the juicing phase?

No you can skip this part or just do the juicing and light meals menu.

Want to know meet Tania and have a chat about what you need help with? Book a time with Tania that’s convenient for you to find out more and get motivated to take action for your ULTIMATE Health



  • I’ve tried EVERYTHING and still can not loose weight
  • I’m reaching for an afternoon pick me up
  • I need my glass of wine at night to de-stress
  • I can’t seem to fall asleep or I wake up in the middle of the night
  • I have no energy to get through my day so I need my coffee to pick me up
  • Stress is hard to balance in this stress fueled life
  • I am fed up with diets that just don’t work
  • I am on medication for symptoms and  I don’t know how to get myself better

Lets recharge your system, do a computer reboot and then kick start your metabolism by loving our livers and from this you will see the unlimited gains in your new you, irresistible you life.


EVERYONE! No Joke, there is no one that should not detox. If you are healthy, if you are sick, if you are 18+, if you have off cycles in the month, if you are fatigued with work, life and your body, if you are old if you are young. Everyone should do a reboot, a recharge. Like your computer – which needs switching off and switching on again so that it can recalibrate everything, so does a detox. So no need to think about it any more really – sign up and let me guide you through. I make it easy for you.


  • Energy
  • Alert mind
  • Feeling fit

Feel like the younger you and if you are dedicated and stay on plan you can feel the way you did when you were 21!

  • Great sleep cycles
  • Increased Libido
  • Happy and much better about yourself
  • WEIGHT LOSS – yippeeeeee yep weight loss is a symptom and should be at the top but its not about the weight its about gaining your health and as a result you will loose the weight.

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