Simple “Moreish” Stir Fry

Simple "Moreish" Stir Fry,            Tastes So Good, It's Moreish! This dish tastes so good that it will become a staple go to.  Servings2 Ready In: 10 minutes Calories: 470 Meal:Any Inroduction About this Recipe By: Tania Schnuppe Inspired by a noodle recipe that I...

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Flax crackers as a bread replacement, Ditch the Wheat!

How to Make Flax Crackers Flax Crackers as a Bread Replacement Flax crackers as a bread replacement, move over bread the crackers are coming through. Flax cracker bread replacement is a super easy way to ditch the wheat. Wow I love these puppies and most of all I...

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How to Make The Amazing Mean Green Juice

Mean Green Juice! Making a mean green juice is one of the most delicious and refreshing, simple basic recipes. Have it as your go to in the morning. Trust me its powerful. Spice it up by adding chilies, herbs, or even herb ice cubes. Add more ginger or lemon to the...

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Breakfast On the Go!

Breakfast On the Go! In a rush, make your juice the night before. Flax crackers are a bulk make and stocked in my fridge like you would do bread. I grabbed 4 flax crackers, and avocado a banana and a small knife. popped it in a box and off I went. No...

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Power Booster Water

This simple drink is super easy to make. First squeeze some fresh cranberries (can be thawed from frozen) into your water. I use reverse osmosis water as it takes out all the fluoride and chlorine from the water. Then we added two table spoons of chia (more if you...

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About Tania

“I started ULTIMATE Health after a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2012. I discovered how many of us get sick on a western diet, but by switching to new healthier habits much of this can be prevented with diet. I used intermittent fasting to regain my health and in the process I lost all my baby belly and fat (12kg lighter), and found staying at my ideal weight easy with the changes that I made.  Now I teach others to do the same. Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Age Young!”

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