Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder

What Is pelvic inflammatory disorder?

Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder (PID) is a disorder of the upper pelvic region that ranges from the cervix to the fallopian tubes and even the ovaries.


What are the causes of pelvic inflammatory disorder
  1. Sexually transmitted infection such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea 
  2. Insertion of a foreign object like an IUD
  3. Abortion may cause infection
  4. Non-sterile environment
  5. The use of non-sterile sexual toys
signs and symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disorder
  • Gradual pain form the lower abdominal region
  • Sudden and severe pain that may increase with walking
  • Pain on urination known as dysuria
  • Fever, nausea, vomiting


COMPLICATIONS of pelvic inflammatory disorder
  • Scarr tissue may form
  • Infection my get trapped and become an abscess in the fallopian tubes
  • If there is an abscess then this can damage the reproductive organs. 
  • May even lead to Infertility or 
  • Other complications like Ectopic Pregnancy 
  • Septicemia if left untreated
  • Peritonitis which is inflammation of the peritoneum, typically caused by bacterial infection either via the blood or after rupture of an abdominal organ.


what your doctor will offer you
  1. Your doctors may diagnose PID just based on signs and symptoms that you present.
  2. You may be offered a pelvic exam to check the regions for further signs and symptoms of PID
  3. Your doctor may ask you about or analyse any  vaginal discharge
  4. Cervical cultures may be taken.
  5. A urine test may be carried out to see the exact type of infection or bacteria that is present in the upper pelvic tract.
  6. Your doctor may offer antibiotics, chosen depending on the strain of bacteria or infection.
  7. Your doctor may also offer pain medication for the management of the pain.
Get educated!

Understanding the female reproductive system is important for any woman in her life and what we got taught at school may seem a little rusty. Get to know your body and find out more about how you can keep your system healthy and fertile and all in Ultimate working order.

Key areas to help yourself with are to:-

  1. Try a reboot and give your body a holiday from the western diet
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Be aware of anything that enters the vaginal region and ask yourself if there is anything you can do further to protect from infection or bacteria entering.  
  4. Support your immune 
  5. Consider applying essential oils over the pelvic region for anti-inflammatory and/or pain relief


Take the next step to prevent illnesses & health issues,

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At Ultimate Health we look for prevention and treating the cause. We always start by wiping the slate clean with a Reboot and then looking to help support your body to heal using natural proven principles. Naturopathic solutions and a protocol that supports your body and every system that it runs. We help you to manage the many multifunctional influences that can cause conditions like this in the first place. Detoxification is key, as well as reducing internal inflammation, getting conscious about your health and finding out what is actually healthy for you.  If you need a map we have the One Clear Path to support your entire journey to your Ultimate Health.

Here are the Pathways we use to support you:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Group Support
  3. One to One consultations
  4. Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet
  5. Meal Plans that are done for you
  6. Education on the Real Truth about What is Actually Healthy, not just what the media tells you is “Healthy“.



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