I have seen great patterns of behavioral change when I applied one simple, yet highly effective morning routine. This routine has helped me to reset my day from being average to great. But only when it applied. So consistency is key to this.

How can you add more to your diet?….Not a fan? Take a few of these super ideas to regain a love for this root

The more you try something the quicker the brain gets to learn to like it, and eventually love it. I started with a nervousness around ginger due to its distinct taste and strong nature, but once you get your head around all the benefits then you can soon learn to love this amazing root.

How to learn to Love Ginger

Here are a few suggestions.

These are just a few helpful tips to feel energized and ready for a positive day. For more great ULTIMATE HEALTH learnings check out ULTIMATE Health & Weight Loss program for a deeper dive into this powerful subject.

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