This simple drink is super easy to make.

First squeeze some fresh cranberries (can be thawed from frozen) into your water. I use reverse osmosis water as it takes out all the fluoride and chlorine from the water.

Then we added two table spoons of chia (more if you like)

1/2 Squeezed lemon

1/2 Orange

700ml to a Litre of water


Mix and enjoy – the chia expand and swell over time and are super for your digestion, add fiber which is great for your waist line and weight loss and fantastic for immune support and gut health. Helps the liver and kidneys too.

Enjoy. Its Yummy and will help you to boost your minerals, vitamins and daily water in take.


Benefits of Chia Seeds

  • Dense nutrition
  • High fiber content
  • High protein content
  • High in antioxidants
  • High in calcium
  • Good source of omega 3 fatty acids

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