OK I know that this post is not going to be popular but we have to explore this burning question.

So there are many positives to coffee like the social aspect, the pre-programmed idea that it will be a stress reliever. You may be saying I can’t start my day without my coffee,


But is your coffee habit a crutch or a real support.

Lets have a look at the downsides to coffee

1. For a start coffee has been shown to increase your blood pressure. This may be good if you have low blood pressure but for those with already high blood pressure then it might be something you want to cut out and see how it affects your readings.

2. Coffee has also been shown to increase your cortisol levels. Now cortisol is great to keep us safe in times of danger but consistently hight cortisol which is an ageing hormone and an anti fat burning hormone. This means that coffee could age you, as well as keep you stressed out!

3. Coffee is a stimulant so if you are struggling to sleep at night – the most rejuvenating and repairing part of your day then you will suffer the next day as you will not be at your best.

4. Coffee is a gland destroyer as it stimulates and weakens the adrenal glands – your stress glands. The liver (yes that is a gland too) and it has been shown to irritate can the gallbladder. So its fair to say that over time you could be burning out your glands at the belief that coffee is helping you….

5. And apart from that it is also quite toxic to the body. DID YOU KNOW – To grow a coffee bean it takes approximately 8.1 kilos or 18 lb.. of bean each year a total of 12 coffee trees, and to keep these trees producing as coffee is such high demand farmers apply 5.5 kilos or 12 lb.  of fertiliser and pesticides every year. Thats all then soaked into the growth of the plant and into us as an endocrine disruptor and a toxin which the liver and kidneys have to sort out! So you are really giving your glands a good workout.

6. For stress having just 2 1/2 cups of coffee a day can double your stress hormone adrenaline which although is slimming it triggers cortisol which in turn stops fat burning.

7. You may feel half asleep or fatigued and reaching for the coffee to wake you up. But you are missing a trick here. Why are you tired? Is it because you did not get enough sleep? You are stressed? You have too much on your plate? Your hormones are off and rather than loading something that will end up being treated as a toxin, should we not be looking at healing the root cause.


You have hypnotised yourself to belief that

You can’t live life without coffee?.

I need my daily fix?

the “I need it, I can’t start my day without it”

“It makes me go”,

Me give up coffee, you must be joking!

These are suggestions you give yourself, just makes it hard for you to actually take the plunge and try cutting it out for 21 days. In order to get your willpower working for you change up your self programming and tell yourself you are going to give this a go, its a challenge or an experiment on yourself and for your pro health, pep yourself up rather than reaffirm that you won’t be able to do it.  Many times we hold ourselves back by our own suggestion – like believing it will affect your social life if you cannot drink it or that you won’t be able to function without it.


Ok not convinced try answering some of these –

Do you wake up and first thing you do is reach for the coffee?

Do you drink coffee and find it hard to sleep at night?

Do you have anxiety or mood swings?

Do you have fatigue and feel stressed out by life?

Do you drink a caffeine drink every day of the week to pick you up?

Do you have Gerd or stomach ulcers or digestive issues?

Do you have tender breasts at a certain time of month? (Estrogen mimicker)

Do you have PMS?

If you answered yes to many of these then you should seriously think about taking this 21 day challenge.

So do we have a case yet for you to think about? Like part one the negatives, then the Self Hypnosis and  lastly if you answered yes to any of the questions that I suggested above then would;t it be worth at least a consideration, a think about it.

If you are considering it then prep yourself before hand and ween off slowly or you will have a detox crash like headaches, and other side effects but don’t worry they only last 3 days and it shows how toxic it is to your body. I challenge you…. see if you can challenge yourself for 21 days no coffee and see how you feel after. And them share you comments on my Facebook page.

So What Can I have Instead?

So what can you have instead – Green Tea, infused water, Roma (a coffee like substitute, thank you Dr Berg for your recommendation), a hot elixir – see Pinterest for lots of inspiration or even Teeccino  – www.teeccino.com. My favourite is have a juice instead packed with all the nutrients to get you through the day and a nice protein breakfast!

Last resort to if you want to find ways to reduce the coffee slowly you could try and have water-processed organic decaffeinated coffee if you just can’t stop.


To learn more about Coffee and its effects come join me on my Irresistible You!!program and teaching you how to feel Sexy, Young and 21 Again! Balancing the hormones, managing the stress, getting your mojo back and making life look GOOD!



Ok I know you are also wanting the UPSIDE right?

Well yes here are 7 benefits to Coffee

1. Coffee may help you relieve your bowels but other healthier options are available like having an orange or grapefruit in the morning before breakfast.

2. The liver likes the acid in the coffee – but instead have a Coffee Enema its more direct.

3. Coffee may also help your memory and slow Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and possibly Stroke and even some cancers.

4. Studies have been done that show that coffee may lower the risk of depression – but as depression and anxiety and the adrenals are so closely linked I would not chance it. Take other more beneficial actions around this area.

5. Coffee has a high level of antioxidants so can improve your health if it was organic.

6. There are some nutrients in coffee

7. And lastly Coffee may aid flushing out gallstones, but again there are other ways to do this. So all of the above are good reasons but if you said yes to any of the above then take the challenge!

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