Lacking potassium. NEED 7 cups of veg to reduce the cravings


Lacking B-vitamins.
Need 1 tsp of Nutritional Yeast per day. Mix in plain yogurt or similar.


Lacking serotonin.
Good eating will eventually help this, TRY diabetic chocolate, 5-HTP supplement too before bed on a an empty stomach (if you eat while you take this, it will not work; it has to be on an empty stomach. 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin).


TAKE sea salt in your foods. Or Himalayan salt is my favourite as it has all the minerals your body needs.


Add more fat (peanut butter – no sugar), bacon, butter, plain yogurt; more nutrient-dense foods and more greens. If you increase protein without vegetables, you will continue to be hungry – protein doesn’t necessarily handle hunger, it makes you hungrier. So Protein and veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner for max benefits and no hunger.

You should also be eating every 3 hours.


This usually means you need more bile and more nutrient-dense foods; Gallbladder Formula will help this – 1/meals.


*Once you start eating sugar, you continue to end up with low sugars caused from the rebounding effect of insulin. So by not eating sweets and consuming enough potassium, it will be easier and easier as your sugar receptors shrink. Doing a 30 day sugar detox is a great way to knock these cravings out. When temptation is near make sure that you are prepared, and plan your meals. Also make sure that you have alternative near by.
*If you add the 7 cups of veggies and you still have cravings for sweets –then we know it is a lack of protein, esp. at breakfast.
*Don’t forget to add substitutes for the things you crave (using stevia for a sweetener).

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