Donnar Malena is an amazing personal trainer. If you are looking for classes, motivation and a transformation in your exercise regime, then have a look at what Donnar has to offer.

Personal Fitness Trainer


After graduating from her BA, Donnar decided to pursue her passion, fitness! She was strongly motivated by her belief that bodies, regardless of age, should be generating confidence rather than become a target for criticism.

Starting out as a competitive swimmer at a very young age, Donnar had learned to understand both the mechanics on how both strength training can be incorporated into each individual sport, as well as the prevention of injuries. Although no longer swimming competitively, you can still find her training hard at the pool or the gym, where she continues focusing on her own body transformation and weighing the benefits of the workouts before incorporating them into her clients’personal training programmes.

Training Style: 

Just when you think that you’re doing pretty well for yourself, you find yourself faced with something even more challenging; you can only keep practicing. 

Resistent Movement & Body Transformation: 

Donnar trains with a futuristic understanding of the wants, needs and capacity of her clients. Her programs envisioning the ideal outcome while maintaining a realistic expectation of progression. 

Pre Natal:

Working with visibly pregnant ladies, Donnar has come to understand both the need to be active and the discomfort that they might be feeling during training. She aims to ensuring a strong,sustained journey during one of the most important yet delicate periods of a woman’s life, which would lead to a smooth delivery. 

Post Natal:

As many ladies facing the frustration of stubborn fats and cellulite, Donnar has allowed many new mothers to see and feel amazing differences in their bodies during the strenuous post-delivery period. 

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