The 4 key ingredients required for weight loss success


At this time it’s about taking the blinders off and being honest about where you’re at in your life, how you got here and how you’re feeling about it. It’s about taking a look at and admitting, those things that might need to change about yourself and your life. And asking ‘Why do I do the things I do?”


It’s important to take responsibility for where you are at in your life, and to take responsibility for your actions and reactions to all things. Not to focus the blame on anyone, but just to know that you have control and you need to be willing take the reins and navigate to a better place, one step at a time to where you want to be, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.


We are all committed to things that are important in our lives – family, children, loved ones, friends, jobs and relationships. We need to now commit to ourselves! ‘Make yourself just as important as the children, job or relationship. Make a commitment to yourself and take it seriously, it’s important and you deserve it. This is your life!!”

Inner Strength

There will be challenges that lie ahead and not everything is always going to be easy, but you will get through it with inner strength, perseverance and determination. It will require an understanding on your part, a resolve and an inner strength that you can meet the difficulties and challenges that lie ahead. Overcoming these challenges will increase your self-esteem and motivation with each hurdle. Hypnosis can and will increase this inner strength and motivation within your subconscious. You can receive great satisfaction and happiness with each step you take toward building an even healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

Its about going to a place inside where you deserve to be healthy



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