Great so now you have found out you are an liver body type or liver and another body type equal. Now its time to tell you what that all means. As a Dr Berg Trained Health Coach, Dr Berg with all his 25 years of experience and 40,000 clients, has seen patterns in the body. As well as correlating this to a series of medical books called Ciba, which also back up the body type symptoms. Its certainly one that you will want to pay attention to if you truly want to balance your hormones, as by cutting out the fatty foods and eating only at main meals times and not snacking in between will suit you very well. Read further to find out why.

First let me show you some of the symptoms of the liver body type. Tick the ones that apply to you, as you will connect with this a lot :-

Potbelly (mostly fluid)
Brown spots on backs of hands or else where on bodyPoor joints
Yellowness in whites of eyesBlood shot eyes in the morningEyelids itchy and swollen
Skin problemsHives and itchynessLittle red dots on skin
Bloating after eatingAcid refluxConstipation
HemorroidsDecreased tolerance for fatty foods and refined grainsChemical insensitivities
Cravings for fried foods and sour foodsStiffness in lower back and upper back between shouldersPain or tightness in the right shoulder area
Liver roll of fat (just above the rib cage) seen in women mostlyGallbladder issuesHeadaches
ArthritisHigh cholesterolVaricose veins
Spider veinsBad breathTongue coated with a white film
Deep split in centre of tongueEarly morning insomnia (wake 2hrs before the alarm)Foggy brain in the morning
Swelling anklesOverheating of the body, especially hot feet at night (not hot flashes)Urine darker in morning and getting lighter in day
Fingers clubbed, with whitened nail bedsFinger joints stiff, soar and swollen in morning

What Does An Liver Body Type Mean to Me?

Exercises For The Liver Body Type

When you’re planning your exercise routine, make sure it incorporates plenty of cardio like jogging, using an elliptical machine, and walking fast are all examples of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise activates your immune system, helps your heart pump blood more efficiently, and increases your stamina over time.

Research is showing that Interval Training (Anaerobic) is the best way to condition your heart and burn fat. So this means instead of jogging, walk steadily for an hour and alternate short bursts of high-intensity exercise with gentle recovery periods. This type of exercise, also known as burst training, can dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning capabilities.

Rounding out your exercise program with a strength training routine will ensure that you’re really optimizing the possible health benefits of a regular exercise program.

Core strengthening exercises are also a great idea. Your body has 29 core muscles located mostly in your back, abdomen and pelvis. This group of muscles provides the foundation for movement throughout your entire body, and strengthening them can help protect and support your back, make your spine and body less prone to injury and help you gain greater balance and stability. Exercise programs like Pilates and yoga are another good idea for strengthening core muscles.


Once you join the program there is extended information about this in the last module so that you can transition into your body type eating plan 🙂

Supplements that support the liver body type


STRATEGY: Get Healthy Kit. Your kit is designed to rejuvenate your metabolism and support your specific body type. With the Get Healthy Kit, you will receive an inclusive package, including:

The Cruciferous Food supplement provides nutrients that assist in supporting a healthy liver and its detoxification. The product is made with organic ingredients.
Live Probiotic Flora – This supports the gut and digestive system. By fortifying the intestine with a wide spectrum of healthy microbes, stress is taken off the liver.
Apple Cider Vinegar Plus – Supporting your digestion will help bloating and the ability to digest protein and absorb minerals. Our body during stress weakens the digestive track. This product will help support and strengthen your digestion.
Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder – This product gives you the micro-nutrients and enhanced trace mineral. Due to our soils being deplete in the US, it is necessary to enhance our diets with trace minerals, especially as it relates to endocrine health and metabolism.

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