Great so know you have found out you are an Ovary body type or liver and another body type equal. Now its time to tell you what that all means. As a Dr Berg Trained Health Coach, Dr Berg with all his 25 years of experience and 40,000 clients, has seen patterns in the body. As well as correlating this to a series of medical books called Ciba – which also back up the body type symptoms. Its certainly one that you will want to pay attention to if you truly want to balance your hormones.

Improperly functioning sex glands like the ovaries or gonads for men, can lead to the body type featuring narrow shoulders and broader hips, which for a woman can prove to be very frustrating if she is overweight.

First let me show you some of the symptoms of the ovary body type. Tick the ones that apply to you, as you will connect with this a lot :-


Potbelly (mostly fluid)
Brown spots on backs of hands or else where on bodyPoor joints
Yellowness in whites of eyesBlood shot eyes in the morningEyelids itchy and swollen
Skin problemsHives and itchynessLittle red dots on skin
Bloating after eatingAcid refluxConstipation
HemorroidsDecreased tolerance for fatty foods and refined grainsChemical insensitivities
Cravings for fried foods and sour foodsStiffness in lower back and upper back between shouldersPain or tightness in the right shoulder area
Liver roll of fat (just above the rib cage) seen in women mostlyGallbladder issuesHeadaches
ArthritisHigh cholesterolVaricose veins
Spider veinsBad breathTongue coated with a white film
Deep split in centre of tongueEarly morning insomnia (wake 2hrs before the alarm)Foggy brain in the morning
Swelling anklesOverheating of the body, especially hot feet at night (not hot flashes)Urine darker in morning and getting lighter in day
Fingers clubbed, with whitened nail bedsFinger joints stiff, soar and swollen in morning

What Does An Ovary Body Type Mean to Me?

The ovaries are the female reproductive glands that are about the size of a large almond. One ovary is located on each side of the uterus and they produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which control the development of sexual organs and secondary sex characteristics, including the placement of the fat layer around the body.

Ovarian hormones also interact with other hormones (pituitary gland hormones) to control the menstrual cycle. When the ovaries become dysfunctional they can produce an excess of estrogen, which can cause more fat production or storage. Because of this, there may be an association with the ovary body distortion, exhibited by an enlargement of the lower abdominal region located below the belly button, hips and buttocks.

For women in their childbearing years trying to conceive, having over-productive ovaries isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But for other women, it can cause saddlebags and that dreaded lower belly pooch. Like the thyroid shape, too much estrogen triggers the ovary shape, which can cause certain people to be both shapes in their lifetime. Many ovary body types turn into thyroid types after pregnancy due to the spike in estrogen, especially if the woman develops a thyroid problem during or shortly after having a baby. Sugar is another big trigger for the Ovary Body Type.  Unfortunately, the added sugar leads to more cellulite and the breakdown of muscle proteins.  Sugar has a toxic effect on our bodies, but especially this body type.

Ovary types can also suffer heavy periods and develop facial hair and acne, especially during that time of the month. Anything that is “cyclic”, such as headaches, PMS, bloating, and depression, can occur frequently with the ovary type, oftentimes during ovulation or about one week before a menstruation.

For men or Gonad Types, because male sex glands work closely with the adrenals, they can carry weight in his hips and thighs, and the shoulders will be smaller than the hips. He may have a “Pot belly” if overweight.

Nutrition for Ovary/Gonad Types

Keep in mind that the sex glands are more active at night, so that is when their largest protein meal should be consumed. This body type should not eat a large meal or snack right before going to bed or they will not sleep well.

The foods that this body type is drawn to are spicy, creamy foods which stimulate the sex glands. This type enjoys rich foods and a rich life style. They will find the pounds come on quite gradually so it is often difficult to notice until clothes no longer fit. Because their energy levels are fairly stable, they keep going and tend to push themselves.

These types should avoid chips, spices, heavy creams, butter, desserts, caffeine, fats, oils, pork, organ meats, sugar, ice cream and all fried foods. Snacks or small meals may include, a raw fruit, soy milk rather than regular milk, a protein choice, Red Clover or Red Raspberry teas. They should also not start their day only with coffee.

Exercises for The Ovary/Gonad Type

People with this type of body shape will find power walking, regular walking or jogging their best form of exercises. These exercises may be improved upon by carrying or wearing light arm weights. Other exercises that will help are dancing or gymnastics along with full body weight moves. The main idea is to bring balance to their upper and lower body at the same time.

Once you join the program there is extended information about this in the last module so that you can transition into your body type eating plan 🙂

Supplements to support the ovary body type

STRATEGY: Get Healthy Kit. Your kit is designed to rejuvenate your metabolism and support your specific body type. With the Get Healthy Kit, you will receive an inclusive package, including:

Ovary Body Type Support.
The Ovary Body Type Support provides key nutrients to assist in supporting a healthy menstrual cycle and an ovary body type.
Cruciferous Food – This product provides a blend of high nutrient dense vegetables, which give anti-estrogenic properties supporting the thyroid (estrogen tends to compete with thyroid hormones). We add additional iodine-rich sea kelp to counter any loss of iodine from the cruciferous vegetables.
The Organic Sea Kelp Formula – Formulated for The Thyroid Body Type for support to a healthy functioning thyroid gland. Provides organic plant based iodine and other minerals. This product is organic and from Iceland.
Raw Wheat Grass Juice Powder – This product gives you the micro-nutrients and enhanced trace mineral. Due to our soils being deplete in the US, it is necessary to enhance our diets with trace minerals, especially as it relates to endocrine health and metabolism.


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