Great so know you have found out you are an thyroid body type or thyroid and another body type equal. Now its time to tell you what that all means. As a Dr Berg Trained Health Coach, Dr Berg with all his 25 years of experience and 40,000 clients, has seen patterns in the body. As well as correlating this to a series of medical books called Ciba – which also back up the body type symptoms. Its certainly one that you will want to pay attention to if you truly want to balance your hormones.

First let me show you some of the symptoms of the thyroid body type. Tick the ones that apply to you, as you will connect with this a lot :-

FatigueWeight gain all overFind you get cold hands or feetBrittle nailsBrittle or stiff or dry hair
Vertical ridges in the nailsPuffiness around the eyesOuter eyebrows thinning or even gonePoor short term memory and focusDepression
Dry skinHair lossHard to absorb vitamins A,D E & KCraving bread, pasta and sweetsHigh cholesterol
Loss of libidoNeed hard exercise to shift the weight

What Does A Thyroid Body Type Mean to Me?

Your thyroid resides in the front of your lower neck and is about 2 and a half inches wide, and makes hormones that control the metabolism in all your cells.

Thyroid hormones help speed up the body’s metabolism for energy production, fat burning, weight loss, mental activity, intestinal function, growth, repair of tissues, absorption of nutrients (including vitamins) and the elimination of wastes in the body.

Because of this, thyroid body types tend to become big all over, not in just one place. Also, many thyroid body types are triggered by the hormone oestrogen. When oestrogen becomes dominant, the thyroid slows down and over time, becomes sluggish. An example can be stubborn baby weight that won’t go away after giving birth, which is often due to a spike in oestrogen, along with poor thyroid function.

Besides weight struggles, those with a thyroid body type also often suffer from hair loss, saggy skin under the arms, ridged nails, and loss of the outer eyebrows. As well as this the thyroid body type can tend to  crave more simple carboyhydrates like bread. This is because the body is looking for quick energy to rev up the sluggish metabolism. You can get tested for thyroid disorders, but problems don’t always show up on blood tests until in advanced state.

Nutrition For A Thyroid Body Type

Dr. Berg says that thyroid body types should cut down on what he calls “thyroid stimulating foods,” like sugar, white flour, white bread, and pasta. There are some things that he recommends that I would take out and have found good success when doing this. Foods like eggs, chicken, fish and red meats we would look to eliminate. In the program we recommend a low fat, low protein meal plan to start with that will help you thyroid to heal, and give the body a break. To reduce further stimulation of the adrenal we also eliminate caffeien to. Subsittutin all these foods is hugely important for this reason Tania provides a full list of substitutes that can be eaten to replace the foods and drinks that hold us back. The diet of preference here is a whole-food, plant-based diet. This helps to balance the endocrine disruptors, supports the liver, fights the viruses and pathogens in the body, builds up your immune and defences. With weight all over, water retention will be the first thing we tackle. Then into fat burning in the Reboot phase of the Ulimate Health program that Tania offers.

Did you know – 8 calories of one chicken in the early 1900’s is equivalent of 64 calories today. Not to mention all the hormones and what they feed the animals on. These disruptors when taken out allow the body to heal. 

Exercises for A Thyroid Body

Dr. Abravenal, author of Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition plan, explains in his book that people with a thyroid body type tend to do well with weight loss when they emphasize aerobic exercise, and perform adequate resistance training. Three weekly weight training workouts will add muscle strengthening exercises to rev up your metabolic rate  will greatly assist with weight loss.


How to Support Thyroid Body Type?

Tania helps people to reset the body which in turn resets the tyroid. Helping the body to get back into balance, homeostatis, hormone balance, and provide energy to help feel more vibrant and joyous in your every day life. If you want to find out more then click HERE and JOIN A REBOOT

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