Weight Loss with Hypnosis


Weight loss is my specialist area.

First you need to get healthy then the weight loss is a side effect and will just drop off.

I have a complete program that will put you on the map of good heath.

By using hypnosis for you to overcome your inner demons, we can get you on the road to good health starting today.


See my Health Section for the plan and we can include hypnosis into your plan for guaranteed success.


So take advantage of my health coaching program where I take you step by step through, week by week encouraging you and using the power of hypnosis to get your subconscious and your conscious mind agreeing. While the conscious mind may be saying I want to loose weight the subconscious has been programmed for years of justifying why you can eat all the foods that help you to put on the weight.

Can’t put on Weight?

Feeling hungry all the time or can’t put on weight, I can work through with you and work out what is not working for you and what would suite your best in terms of nutrients, food and exercise.



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