SHOCK! Eating CHICKEN can make you FAT!

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Yep you heard it here!

So I am digging around on my daily health search and I come across an amazing researcher called Michael Gregor MD and he basically examines all the latest studies out there and there puts them in simple terms that you and I can understand and digest. These are studies that are reputable and science based.

Basically the EPIC – PANACEA study  found that meat consumption was associated with weight gain. and chicken (poultry) was the worst and most fattening. And was also confirmed in another study too. Double whammy! So men and women eating a single ounce of chicken a day, which is the equivalent of 2 chicken nuggets had a greater body mass gain over a 14 year period than those that consumed no chicken at all. Not a surprise really considering chickens are genetically made to become fatter! According to the US Dept. of Agriculture a 100 years ago a single serving of chicken had around 16 calories and today it has 200+ calories. WOW I hear you think. chickens now contain 8 – 10 x more fat than from protein. The beef industry was quick to point out the beef has less fat than chickens by a dozen different cuts of beef!!!

Apart from the fact that vegans and vegetarians have lower obesity rates as compared to meat eaters. I know you want to know why, well it turns out that meat and chicken especially are the biggest reasons for the weight gain.

The study showed that for those that ate the same amount of calories. Chicken was most associated with weight gain in both men and women.

Even with just one chicken nugget a day

over 2 weeks showed a significant increase in body mass. Frightening. So next time you think you are being safe with eating a lean meat think again. Plant based diet is always best – Beans, Berries, fruit, cruciferous vegetables, greens, other vegetables, flaxseeds, nuts, spices, whole grains, water and exercise should be the daily norm for a healthy dis-ease free life. Oh and keep that stress down too!

Here is what Michael Gregor MD

has to say about eating chicken and the link to getting fat.

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