Its said that 70% of the immune system is in the gut.

Below are items that will keep you feeling good. So make sure that your diet is rich in these items.


  1. L – Glutamine
  2. Panothenic Acid – Vitamin B5
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Vitamin A (retinol) and Beta Carotene
  5. Vitamin E
  6. Zinc
  7. Selenium
  8. Quercitin
  9. Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s)
  10. Inulin
  11. Aloe Vera
  12. Licorice Root & DGL
  13. Comfrey Root
  14. Glutathione, L-cysteine and N-Acesylcysteine
  15. Fiber
  16. Fos (frutooligosaccharides)
  17. Nutrients
  18. Bone Broth

Deeper Dive


Hippocrates said “All disease starts in the gut”

Our Intestines are 30ft long – it is essential as it  houses micro-organisms with trillions of bacteria. This is where we are exposed to all the different pollutants out there. Most of our innume is housed in this tube. If we can not see the function of what is food and what should not be absorbed then we will have issues later on and all sorts of symptoms start to show up. If something bad gets into the membrane of the gut lining and into the bloodstream then the body regards this as “is it self or other, and if it is regarded as other then you can get auto-immune disorders further down the line.


Bacteria, fungi, viruses are plentiful in our gut.  

SO WHAT ARE THE Natural approaches to healing the body?

We are learning that we have a macrobiome and a microbiome of bacterial, micral and fungal in our gut. We are finding out that the bacterial section of the microbiome, when it is given  gluten to some it can harm the gut and this is due to the modifications  as the grains have changed over time and with mass farming.. It is no longer a good source of protein but changed more into a refined carbohydrate.

New research has surfaced that we Gluten has 23,000 antigens that go into our body undigested. If they can not break down the proteins the body’s thinks is similar to the proteins in the kidneys and liver and then the body starts to form autoimmune symptoms.

You can then be more prone to infection.

With a healthy but you are capable of breaking down enzymes, and the gut can produce produce B vitamins, but only in a healthy microbiome.  If it’s not healthy you have to get those vitamins from another source.

Candida can be commensal and work together with the good and bad bacteria but with antibiotics these can blow this out of whack  and candida can become bad.

Bacteriophages in our gut too comes into play.  We need bad bacteria as well as good to balance out the gut.


Leaky Gut what does that Mean?



Its intestinal permeability. Imagine your gut as a fishing net and the net has a hole in it. This similar to what leaky gut is. It’s a whole that lets undigested nutrients  start to pass through the membrane which that should not be allowed to. This is especially true for things like gluten. If you consume too many foods that cause holes in the gut then over time too many  cause gut inflammation then the holes get bigger. The unbroken gluten gets into the bloodstream and causes inflammation. It can even be tissues around joints which then go on to cause arthritis, and autoimmune conditions as well.


So what can you do?

  1. Remove the bad foods and triggers that cause the leaky gut
  2. Then consume healing anti-inflammatory foods
  3. Then consume some good supplements that will help your tummy to heal. Like probiotics and prebiotics.
  4. Take the toxins out of your endocrine system by detoxing regularly.

What Damages the Gut Lining?



Do you consume lots of soda, or other items that have sugar in them like crackers, packaged meats, any product has added sugar.


It can be due to the casein 1 dairy products (see my Conventional Dairy section in the Good to Know section of the ULTIMATE Guided Detox program. Dairy has 26 more times inflammatory effect than gluten. Many people  have food allergies today, so go for goats milk, kefir or kefir milk or nut mylks being the ultimate. Milk has over 20-60 different medications and chemicals in the diary of today (depending on brand and production)  that we are consuming and can be very damaging to the gut. If in doubt take this out.


Sprouted grain and sourdough can be healthy and we should be able to consume these foods. We have got to the point where these foods can be so damaging to our gut lining.

If you are worried about this then do the elimination in the Liver Loving phase and when you reintroduce these foods back in you will know if they are giving you trouble or not and take foods that are very easy to digest like the liver loving phase and then add these foods back in and see how you feel.

Mild leaky gut one serving will be OK but with regular consumption you may notice the changes in your body.



GMO foods are very problematic and that pesticides and herbicides do cause major inflammation and causes problem in the gut and damage the gut lining.


Sucrose causes gut inflammation and all artificial sweeteners are problematic.


(NSAID can be aspirin and over the counter drugs)

If you want more clarification about this topic then have a read of the book Drug Muggers and you will learn the full extent to the side effects of medication.

Prescription antibiotic drugs are the worst for damaging the gut lining and the microbiome.

Aspartame and Tylenol are all gut grenades.

Diabetes drugs are also the same and affect the kidneys long term too.

Statin drugs rob your body of nutrients which are there to protect your gut.

It puts a strain in the small intestine if no bile is being able to be produced . These cause liver toxicity. The bile is needed to  help you to break down the fat. So your body needs it.


If you have your gallbladder removed you have more chance of leaky gut.

The moral of the story is DON’T REMOVE ANYTHING FROM YOUR BODY, unless you have absolutely have to.

Dr Axe says “There isn’t a single medication or drug out there that in some way isn’t directly or indirectly causing some form of leaky gut”

Medications over burdens the gut and the liver and the kidneys.

So for an alternative to antibiotics try using Oregano Essential Oil as an natural antibiotic. Or try out my homemade brew – it really works well. Tania’s homemade antibiotic alternative.


In the livestock feed…

80% of antibiotic sales for animals for in their feed constantly for prevention. We end up eating this.  So buy organic and green feed meat. They are fed these antibiotic for bacteria resistance. In 2011 30million lbs of antibiotic were sold to the farmers for their animals.

There is a symbiotic relationship from antibiotic misuse, antibiotic resistance. We need to be careful to medical exposures. If antibiotics are used a lot then you become resistant. Antibiotic should only be used if absolutely necessary.   

There are natural compounds that are better than taking antibiotics. Plants can if used in the right way can be far better in results than medication.


Sorry peeps, yep alcohol is in this bracket too as its sugar!


Be careful of potato flour and rice flour these can also cause issues. Wheat lectin that is not related to the wheat area but the wheat lectin is what is similar to potato and rice.

So eliminate the packaged gluten free products.

Choose quinoa, amaranth & buckwheat instead.


CESAREAN V VAGINAL DELIVERY according to Dr Eric Zielinski

Risen 48, china 50%, brazil 80% in some countries causes biodiversity of bacteria which later in life can lead to Crohn’s, diabetes type 1,, autoimmune disorders, allergic reactions which is connected to the gut. An over clean environment contributes to  issues too.

Fridges have crippled us as we do not eat the foods that we were raised with such as fermented foods which did not need fridges. With fridges we do not need the fermented foods which are so beneficial to us.


We are 10 bacterial cells to 1. Bacteria works in symbiosis.

Probiotics are key with essential oils which can be delivered prenatally through the placenta like the mint family oils  and can rebuild microflora and kills bad bacteria. Oils work like good antibiotics.

Remember when using essential oils they must be very diluted. Essential oils used with probiotics works well as well.

Regularly consume soil based organisms.

When the kids / babies put their hands into their mouth it’s nature’s natural strengthening.


Worms may actually help to redirect immune system that has gone awry?

They provide the GI tract with much needed support for digestion, nutrient assimilation and so on. Probiotics will help with Allergies, Asthma, IBS, Ulcerative colitis, Flatulence, Nausea, Indigestion, Malabsorption, Nutrient deficiency, Autoimmunity, Inflammatory disease, Bacterial / Fungus.


This is also true for the SIB, small intestinal bowel as well.

Thyme Oil and yarrow herb affect the digestibility in chickens. This trend is being seen in humans as well, in recent studies.


IBS is an alteration of GI flora,. Try enteric coated peppermint, which is peppermint oil that you put into capsules called enteric capsule that make it past the stomach and into the colon, where it can dissolve and go to good work in repair.  Cumin oil, peppermint and lemon balm, coriander seeds, all work too. Put this in a capsule – enteric coated capsule which you can order online.

For the best natural treatments try peppermint, and beneficial bacteria probiotics like  artichoke and psyllium. Milk thistle too. Artichoke helps to get stagnant bile to be secreted into the bowel. If you have stagnant bile this can lead to gallbladder issues. It’s a great pre-biotic. Give the body  the things that the body will thrive on.

Cultured food is also a great way to regenerate the trillions of living cultures in the gut.

Psyllium be careful as you want to really allow it to bind and grow in the water, then consume.

Try adding turmeric for any  inflammation in that area too.


Bloating and Gas

Food Sensitivities – if you get runny nose

Thyroid Conditions

Fatigue & Joint Pain

Headaches and skin issues

Digestive Problems

Eczema is leaky gut

Type 1 Diabetes

Weight Gain


Heal yourself so that you can eat good foods. 

Empower yourself with healing foods

      1.BONE BROTH – Draw out of the bones, the collagen and proline and glycine as well as others. These help to rebuild damaged tissues.  Protein is the main amino acid that helps to repair with the strengthening of the tissues and can help repair the gut lining. Its very good for detoxification as well as glutamine. If you are not keen on bone broth, then have a look at vegan broth. It may not have the exact collagen effects as the bone, (which also may have lead in by the way), so this is worth investigating more. Check out my bone broth book found in the ULTIMATE Guided Detox Program. – Try a bone broth cleanse 1 – 3 days just drink bone broth or a chicken and vegetables soup and eating that for most meals which is hearty and healing .

  1. RAW CULTURED DAIRY – Most probiotic foods and we want a lot of probiotics in your diet.
  1. FERMENTED VEGETABLES & FERMENTED VEG JUICES- Kimchi, Sauerkraut – 2 forkfuls a day, so start off with a spoonful and work up. It’s not a case of the more the better and they are high in organic acids to help the pH in your body.
  1. STEAMED VEGETABLES – If you have a bad liver and toxicity than raw is the most healing. Leaky gut or bowel inflammation stay away from raw vegetables for the first 90 days. Slightly steam or cook. and when that 90 days is up then start adding in the raw vegetables. They can be more damaging than healing.You do want vegetables because of their restorative and rejuvenate properties like vitamins and mineral plus you need some good fats like coconut oil which is anti-microbial in nature.
  1. FRUIT – ONLY 1 SERVING A DAY- You do not want to go too high sugar either so stick to low sugar and low GI. See my charts in the Good to Know section of the Detox program.
  1. OMEGA 3 rich SUPER FOODS like ground flax seeds      
  2. SUPPLEMENTS – Probiotics, prebiotics, L-glutamine, Digestive enzymes, Flax seed (DHA ), Vitamin D, & Aloe Vera
  3. ESSENTIAL OILS & HERBS Frankincense EO (ability to reduce inflammation), Ginger, Peppermint, Marshmallow herbs, Licorice root extract (it supports the stomach and intestine)

     8. LIFESTYLE- Stressful or emotional experience triggers and causes leaky gut syndrome. Healthy lifestyle regime. Most people don’t understand stress and how to manage it so if this is an area that may be of concern then take a look at some of the ways to help you in the ULTIMATE Guided Detox program. If you are an Adrenal type  person, you are stressed most of the time or a workaholic, then this is a severe form of emotional stress. It can be financial turmoil which  is another form of stress or anger is stress or worry is a form of stress. Do you have any of these symptoms?

Exercise to Do if you Suffer with Stress

Deal with it though personal growth, times for personal relaxation

Write all the things that are stressing you out.  

What is out of your control? Push those to one side

On the right side of the paper write down all the things you love to do such as lunch, spin class or a date night with spouse. Check out my Stress Management in Phase 3 section of the Detox program for more helpful tips on stress management.


In the past month how many times have you done those things?

Take another look at the self care section. This is a part that is all about you. Can you schedule some self-care  into your diary?

Try a detox bath, epsom salts with camomile and lavender – if you can’t relax in a bath then swap it for a hot shower with the same.

Stress raises cortisol which increases intestinal permeability and leaky gut. So let go, and be more in the present moment.

There are 5 Gut types according to  Chinese Medicine and they come  from the emotions that you experience and the way we are wired will cause you to be more susceptible to certain organ illness based conditions.

If you come up to a roadblock in life there are a lot of different ways that we can respond to that.

Stressed Gut Type – Fear

If you have a roadblock in life you can respond with  FEAR, then fear affects the adrenal glands and the kidneys.. If you are having fear on a regular basis fear affects, the adrenals with adrenal fatigue, your bladder and your reproductive organs by not being able to conceive, which makes a lot of sense right. The body is so clever.


If your hormones are not balanced and then your emotions will then affect the gut. These stressed gut types tend to have adrenal and thyroid issues.

Adrenal and thyroid – blue and black stress type foods like blueberries and kale might work well for you.


Also Anger – or alcohol can cause anger and frustration  and this directly affects the liver and the gallbladder. So be aware how this is affecting your body.

Toxic Gut Type

These are the angry gut types. Like an angry drunk or angry person that is just angry all the time. If you are angry all the time and you get angry and frustration, then this anger directly affects the liver and the gallbladder. If the gallbladder is not working properly it can not produce the bile that it needs to break down the fats properly and the liver and gallbladder are over burdened. So eat leaky gut foods and milk thistle to support the organs.


Immune Gut Type

Inflammatory bowel disease, this means that you struggle with grief or depression and you may be prone to that and you may lack motivation and affects the lungs. White foods garlic, onion.


Gastric Gut Type

Acid reflux and heart issues. Best foods are chard & sauerkraut.Consume bitter and sour foods.

The sympathetic response is that your heart beats faster.


Candida Gut Type

Caused by excess dampness in the body. So warm foods. No 1 tea pau darco tea

Shepherd’s pie, Sweet potato, Peas. Candida types can tend to have worry or anxiousness.




Enteric -Coated capsules 2-3 drops at a time. Try 1 drop

Thyme, rose, or peppermint oil good for small intestines. Good for IBS and intestinal issues.

Needs to be trial and error. Just try it and see.

Cardamon oil can help maintain a healthy colon. Ulcerative colitis can be helped with this. A drop or two in a capsule before you eat.

Don’t take anything out of your body before you try essential oils

Peppermint essential oil helps the digestive muscles to relax as it contains very unique compounds. It allows for painful digestive gas to pass.

It lowers BP and can

Aromatic use.

They are transdermal so you can apply straight to the abdomen. or right into the mouth or in water. Topical or oral use can increase Athletic performance as it allows the bronchioles to open up so you get more oxygen into your system or blood and you perform better. Or put it in a capsule and start with 1 and work up to max 6 drops.

Nausea, diarrhea or stomach cramps try peppermint.


Clove Essential Oil

Can help calm inflammation in the intestinal lining (inflammation in the intestinal lining can cause stomach cramping when it is inflamed and much discomfort) and can help relax the muscle lining of the GI Tract and help the spasms, nausea, diarrhea and cramps and works like peppermint oil.  

Its anti viral microbial, antibacterial and antifungal.

clove can also treat candida.

A drop of clove with honey can help the body to absorb the oil.

Tea Tree Essential Oil or Oregano Oil

Used in WW1 as an anti-biotic.

If you feel under the weather drink a drop of tea tree and oregano oil in water and drink.

Tarragon Essential Oil

Tarragon oil can help to increase appetite and it can enhance digestion by stimulating bile and acids in the stomach which help the acids to break down the food. It can also help stimulate the brain, calm nervous tension,  endocrine issues


A Digestive Blend to Play around with.


Mix Peppermint, Ginger, Tarragon,  Coriander, Fennel, Caraway, Anise. Orange Lemon etc

Then 2 drops with coconut oil and rub over tummy or take with honey.


5 to 10 drops of each in a bottle and then put into a capsule or rub into your tummy.


Acid Reflux 1 drop peppermint in water.


Colds and Flu is a gut issue.

1 drop with Teaspoon of  Raw honey with an immunity blend of :

  • Raw Honey
  • Clove
  • Orange
  • Cinnamon
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus


Nausea – can start in the mind but manifests in intestinal difficulties

Lemon, infuse with some drops

Pregnant you can smell a lemon and you can decrease nausea by 50%.


If you want further information then look for Dr Eric Z at www.DrEricZ.com and for research based information then seek out  Sayer Ji – he has the best medical research on his site.

For ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS www.taniaschnuppe.com/store

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