Fever and Flu, Natural Ways To Help Your Immune Fight

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Have you Got a Fever or the Flu?

Having the Flu is not funny, and the aches and pains all over the body, the yellow on the tong showing your body is toxic and the headaches, nausea and fever that goes with it is something that you will want to avoid if you catch these things easily. Influenza,aka ‘flu”, can be picked up easily as it is a respiratory infection. It can therefore be spread through coughing, sneezing, being close to someone with flu, as well as simply touching something that has been touched by a person that has the infection.

If you are not keeping yourself boosted and your immune strong and depending on age many people die from flu-related issues.

GOOD TO KNOW: if you have a reduced immune or the body is in a toxic state or you have nutrient deficiencies then you are more susceptible to catching the virus. Also watch out for lack of sleep. If you are not sleeping well you will be prone to flu as at night when you rest for 8 hours a night this is the time you heal and repair and rejuvenate. So get that immune boosting beauty sleep to help fight off the virus. Along with this is stress. If you are highly stressed, especially for a longer period of time. You will have a weakened immune. Along with this once you stop and have a break, this si the time that you will fall and come down with something. Ever been on a holiday break and you come down with flu? Its your body saying its been over worked, under looked after and weak and thats when the virus strikes.

DID YOU KNOW: This is especially true for the viruses that lay dormant in our body and then rear their head when we have let our guard down. So you don’t even have to come in contract with someone that has the virus, it could be just resting in you until your defences are down to come and attack the body! Thats why its not enough to wash our hands, and keep your distance. You need to keep your immune boosted and healthy. How do you do this? Try a detox.

Drugs to Take or Not to Take

Each year Doctors try to get you to take flu jabs to prevent you getting it. But what do these drugs do and how effective are they? There is no study to date that proves that these flu jabs (vaccine’s) have never been proven to help your body to defend against flu or even lower its symptoms. In fact these vaccines are actually treated as toxin by the liver, and come with dangerous side effects. So what other options do you have to combat flu? If you take the elderly which the flu jab is pushed on there are more cases of higher death rates from flu. So really how effective are these vaccines?

Your doctor may also want to put you on a series of antibiotics. Antibiotics will kill your good gut flora, and weaken your immune – the very thing you want to strengthen.

Why not try more natural ways to fight off the infection. Here is a blog I did on a natural remedy – “Don’t Fall Sick This Season – Try this Immune Booster”. Its tried and tested and my go too if any of the family has fever.

Below are some great remedies that will help you to fight the flu naturally.

What Are the Symptoms of Flu or Fever?

• Fever

• Cough

• Sore throat

• Runny nose

• Body aches

• Fatigue

• Headaches

Natural Remedies for Flu or Fever

Good REST will help you to recharge. Why because sleep is when the body is in the least stressed mood and also a time when it heals and repairs, rejuvenates.

Recommended foods to eat for prevention are light, and easy-to-digest foods, such as soups made with bone broth (vegetable broth if you are vegan), cooked vegetables or herbal teas to help with digestion like peppermint and ginger. Peppermint is exceptional for digestive issues. You want to eat immune boosting foods like beans, berries and other fruits, cruciferous vegetables, greens, flaxseeds, nuts, spices, whole grains, plenty of clean water (I love reverse osmosis water).

DID YOU KNOW: Drinking plenty of water, a good 300ml every 2 hours with lemon honey and cinnamon helps to prevent mucus build up as well as keeping you hydrated so you can sweat out the toxins from the largest organ on your body – your skin!

As you will see in the immune booster i have added Ginger. Ginger has so many benefits. It also relieves soar throat, upset tummy and fights the virus.

Garlic and onions also help boost immune function. There is an old wives adage that keeping half an onion by the best cut up will attract the virus as onions soak up toxins. It works in fridges to soak up odours, so even though its not proven, I do this too and I believe that it helps (perhaps because I was told it would and the power of belief is healing when you truly believe).

Papaya, Red pepper, camu camu powder, guava, kale and kiwi, which are all high in vitamin C, are also great immune boosters too. Our bodies do not produce vitamin C so we should supplement with it. Vitamin C can be taken in super high quantities and is also used to effectively fight cancer too, its that powerful. You should take 1,000 mg, three to four times daily, minimum

Here are a couple of brands that Dr Susan Humphries recommends.

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

Have a STEAM BATH, either raise your temperature with a hot bath or take a steam bath by getting under your duvet with a bowl of hot water. Be careful not to scold yourself. Add eucalyptus if you have congestion. Getting the body to sweat it out is a good way to release the toxins from your skin. After all this is what the body is trying to do for us, increase the temperature to an extreme to kill off the virus, we will just be helping the body to do this.

Other Supplements that Help

The herb Echinacea,  1,000 mg two to three times a day, can help your body fight off infections, but it is best to take it at the first sign of illness.

Elderberry 10 ml once a day, may help to deactivate the flu virus and naturally boost immunity.

Colloidal silver taken four times daily, has an effective antiviral agent in it.

Zinc 50 to 100 mg, daily, supports immune and also has an antiviral effect, like colloidal silver, and oregano essential oil. It works best when taken at the first sign of illness.

Essential Oregano oil taken 500 mg, two times a day. as it has a powerful antiviral effect.

Drink herbal teas of chamomile, nettles and dandelion to cleanse and relax the body.

What Foods to Eat LESS of

Eat less or even better no SUGAR. Why I heart you ask? Well sugar decreases white blood cells that help you to fight off the infection.

Store bought or carton juices.  Although orange juice contains some vitamin C its best to eat it whole. The store bought variety are loaded with sugar which is the white blood cell decreaser, so do not be fooled by clever marketing. Natural is best, Also its not as high in vitamin C as whole fruits or vegetables.

Stay away from mucus producing foods like conventional dairy and pasteurised milk, cheese, and so on.

It might seem like a crutch to you but cut the caffeine, it depletes the body of electrolytes, dehydrates you which is not what we want.

And of course cut out all PROCESSED FOODS, which contain MSG’s GMO’s and are nutrient poor. These will not help you to boost your immune but continue to suppress it and you will have prolonged flu symptoms.

Essential Oils

Great  essential oils to add are clove, eucalyptus, frankincense, thyme, lemon, myrrh, and Peppermint. One way you can use them is to rub the essential oil like peppermint or frankincense into the souls of your feed and your neck area. These will neck and bottoms of the feet can naturally support the immune system. Its known that clove oil can protect the body against infection and can speed recovery if you have flu. So give them a go and add these to your natural medicine cabinet.

And One last thing…

Don’t forget to ask for help if you are too sick. Having support always helps and makes you feel better. especially if they can bring you  mop your brown and bring you hot broth. Have a look at this for a laugh. Sorry if you are a man but its shared to bring a smile. “Man Flu”

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